TUMI Crafts – an introduction

Tumi Crafts was founded in 1978 by Mo Fini promoting fair trade crafts and goods with Latin America, working closely with organisations such as Traidcraft and Oxfam Trading, specialising in distribution and mail order online of world fairly traded crafts.

We sell a wide range of fair trade products from Latin America, including fair trade jewellery, crafts, pottery, musical instruments, glass, tiles, paintings, games, toys, carvings, mirrors, hats, accessories, soft furnishings, plaques, dolls, puppets and more.

The videos shown here were recorded by Mo Fini and his partner Lucy Davies during their travels in Latin America in the 1980s, and record the traditional crafts of villagers in Peru and Mexico.

In addition to TUMI Crafts Mo Fini founded TUMI Music in 1983. It has been at the forefront of the vast and diverse field of Latin music. In that year whilst in Bolivia, Mo Fini heard the music of Rumillajta and in particular the poignant voice of Edgar Villarroel, and began to promote them. By organising the first ever European tour by an Andean folk band and releasing City of Stone, Rumillajta’s groundbreaking debut album, Tumi Music was born.

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