Mohamed Badawi – a Sudanese doctor of linguistics playing the oud!!!

Mohamed BadawiMohamed Badawi is a doctor of linguistics and founder, composer, and singer of the groups Diwan and El Nour. The oud, or Middle-East lute, plays a central role in his musical renditions. In addition to the oud, he also plays a Sudanese variation of the Bongos, which consists of three drums.

This is a promo-Video of Mohamed Badawi’s CD “Nosybe”. He is a Sudanese vocalist and oud player. The members are Roman Bunka (Guitar, Oud), Mohamed Abdelwahab Kununu (Accordeon), Shirley Anne Hofmann (Tuba, Trombone, Trumpet, Euphonium), Hatim Mileegi (Percussion), Daniel Sphani (Drums), Norbert Dömling (Bass), Mohamed Atif Abdel Hamid (Nay), Amro Sawwaf (Qanun), Tahir Mahmoud (Geige), Amro Subhi (Cello), Iman Aliy Ad-din (Chor, Kairo), Marwa Hasan (Chor, Kairo), Wala Mohamed (Chor, Kairo), Iman Mohamed Wadi (Chor, Kairo) Iglal Hashim (Chor, Sudan) Safa Osman (Chor, Sudan) Magdi Shaban Sukkar (Tablah, Bandir), Video by Oliver Wuerffell 2008, Produced by Hubl Greiner 2007.

Live Session with Mohamed Badawi (oud, percussion), Moussa Selkh (Algeria / oud), Tunji Beier (Australia / drums) and Matthias Loibner (Austria / hurdy-gurdy), photos and recordings by Hubl Greiner 2005.