Elliott Carter – 101st birthday of the most miraculous of composers and still active!!!!

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Elliott CarterToday I read following news by Frank J Oteri in Facebook: “Frank J Oteri celebrated the 101st birthday of the most miraculous of composers–the still actively composing Elliott Carter–by completing the revisions on his wind quintet, EC apparently just wrote a new one, and by writing a completely new piece of music.”

“Wow”, I thought “this sounds interesting”! Let’s check this composer out whose birthday was yesterday.

So I searched in YouTube for him and found two videos celebrating his 100th birthday last year, such as Frank J. Oteri interviewing Mr. Carter…..

…Elliott Carter discusses the 100th birthday celebration concert on 11 December at Southbank Centre, with Marshall Marcus. The concert features his solo piano piece “Catenaires” and his glittering piano concerto “Diaolgues”. As part of the Shell Classic International series, Pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard and conductor Pierre Boulez pay tribute to Carter with one of the leaders in contemporary classical music, Ensemble Intercontemporain.

…and here is a video of a conversation between Charlie Rose and  Daniel Barenboim about Elliot Carter’s “late style.”

…and The Juilliard String Quartet rehearses Elliott Carter’s Quartet No. 5 with Mr. Carter present for comments and feedback.

…and Elliott Carter’s ballet music from Pocahontas part one and two. Performed by the Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra conducted by Peter Fletcher at a public concert in the Royal College of Music, London in May 1984.

Thanks Frank about introducing me to this great US composer.


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