Hamid Dabashi: Iran is ground zero of a civil rights movement that will shake Mideast. The Green Movement a gathering storm, helped by cyberspace!

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Hamid Dabashi portrait

Hamid Dabashi: a professor of Iranian studies and comparative literature at Columbia University, writes frequently on politics and world affairs. This time in CNN Opinion.

This article is very well formulated. He writes: Obama must stick to his vow to “bear witness” to crackdown in Iran,  U.S. civil rights icons, Muslim leaders; human rights groups should go to Iran.

Please read whole article.

But something nobody has been mentioning is that the Green Movement needs a leader a.s.a.p. who is supported by the Iranian studentsthe workers, who should organize an general strike a.s.a.p., and the bazaris, the retailers, wholesalers, traders and businessmen in Tehran’s bazar.

And also all artists and musicians in Iran who believe in the Green Movement should let their voices being heard. As loud as possible!! I think music is the most  powerful art form. It is the only art form that can bring people together instantly. It gives them courage to fight and gives them some peace after the fight. It has a strong weapon called improvisation, which stands for freedom of human creativity.

Musicians get on the street or use the internet and become a voice of the Green Movement!!!!