Iranian movie director: Bahman Ghobadi and his co-writer, journalist Roxana Saberi, at the Walter Reade Theater for a mid-career retrospective of Ghobadi’s work!

Marooned in Iraq (Songs of My Motherland)

(Bahman Ghobadi, 2002, Iran; 108m)

The energy and swing of folk music sustain a hilariously bickering family of musicians on a rambling wartime search for the aging father’s ex-wife in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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THU APR 15: 7:00PM

No One Knows About Persian Cats
(Bahman Ghobadi, 2009, Iran; 106m)

A couple’s search for a friend with the documents that will allow them to leave Iran leads to an eye-opening tour of the underground music scene in Tehran. The most powerful cinematic foreshadowing of the now-emergent protest movements. Bahman Ghobadi and Roxana Saberi in person!

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WED APR 14: 8:15PM*
*Director Bahman Ghobadi in person!