Tinashé – have you heard of him?

Selected by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Singer/songwriter Tinashé who spent his childhood in his native Zimbabwe, based now in London, created in this city an uplifting, intensely personal music. His debut album, Saved. just came out. Enjoy his music!

Tinashe introducing himself

Thanks for passing by my page and reading this… I produce and write everything on this page myself… not trying to be cool or anything just thought you might like to know 🙂 

I was originally shipped over from Zimbabwe so I could eventually grow to become a doctor/lawyer and wire money back home via Western Union, that didn’t go so well… I blame/thank MJ. 

I smiled & nodded to avoid bullying over my African accent at school until the Eastenders elocution lessons started to pay off… I can now slip in between both rather seamlessly… I grew up in Hackney. I will always be a Hackney boy but I’m enjoying being in a state of flux. Life is bigger than London. 

I’m currently more in love with my guitar than I have ever been. I make guitar music. I am not ashamed to say l love pop music. That’s what its all about for me. Good music fuelled by the world around me.

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