Film – Yakuza Busting Girls: Death Ride Battle (2010, Japan)


Asami was thought killed after being betrayed by Junko (Rena Komine), but she suddenly returns to town after a 2 years. However, a lot has changed since she was last around. Yakuza have taken over the town and the powerful Kanto Sukeban Alliance which Asami once headed had been completely decimated in the process, with former members now turning to drugs and prostitution. Under the guise of sukeban hunting, Junko had led her old friends to slaughter at the hands of yakuza boss Murakawa (Jiro Sato). Because of this, Asami has gradually been enveloped by flames of rage. Meanwhile, four yakuza hunters pledge their lives to her cause as the stage is set for a final bloody battle at Tokyo Bay.”

Genres: Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Director: Kazushi Nakadaira
Writers: Kazushi Nakadaira (screenplay), Makoto Shinozaki (story)
Stars: Asami, Rena Komine and Kenji Motomiya