w/ Talibam! — Brian Chase, Seth Misterka, & Matthew Welch — Mike Pride Bass Trio — Foxglove — Jackson Moore — Long Distance Poison — Silver Ash — Instant Conductors — Kevin Uehlinger’s Alchemusic — Philip Gayle — Che Chen and Robbie Lee — Brandon Evans — Brooklyn Raga Association — Jenny Electrik — The Electronic Border Patrol.

After a decade of hosting shows and events, the News…onic Loft is coming to a close this spring. It all started back in 2001 with a series of rooftop bbqs and experimental music shows, so to celebrate the end of the space, I’ve put together a day-long celebration of experimental and improvised musics beginning with a free rooftop bbq followed by 14 acts of some of Brooklyn’s finest experimental musicians, a lighting installation by White Light Prism, and a late night after party.

Date: Saturday, May 7, 2011
Time: 5pm
Venue: Newsonic (76 Rutledge St., Brooklyn)
Ticket: free before 8pm, $10 after 8pm (5pm – free on rooftop BBQ

Schedule & line up:

7pm – Brooklyn Raga Association
7:45 – Brandon Evans solo
8:00 – Che Chen & Robbie Lee
8:30 – Philip Gayle
8:45 – Kevin Uehlinger’s Alchemusic
9:15 – Instant Conductors
9:45 – Silver Ash
10:15 – Long Distance Posion
10:45 – Jackson Moore Trio
11:15 – Foxglove
11:45- Mike Pride Bass Trio
12:15 – Brian Chase, Seth Misterka, and Matthew Welch
1:00 – Talibam!
1:45 – The Electronic Border Patrol w/ Chuck Bettis / Alan Bjorklund / Dave Miller
2:30 – Late Night Jam Session
Brooklyn Raga Association –
Combining traditional Indian Instruments with electronics and psychedelic jamming, the Brooklyn Raga Association explores an otherworldly ground between East and West, Raga and Psych-Rock.
Brandon Evans, Solo –
Legendary Multi-Instrumentalist Brandon Evans, a protege of Sonny Simmons and Anthony Braxton returns to the scene for his first live performance in several years.
Che Chen and Robbie Lee –
Che Chen & Robbie Lee are Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalists who have been steadily and intensively developing their unique approach to free improvisation over the last several years. Using a shifting constellation of instruments that has included bass clarinets, baroque recorders, reed and pipe organs, renaissance keyboard instruments, flutes, saxophones, bowed and plucked strings, little drums, bells, tape machines and their voices, Che Chen and Robbie Lee create earthy, slow moving improvisations that are informed as much by the ethnic folk traditions of the world as they are by 20th century composition and improvisation.
Philip Gayle –
Philip Gayle has slowly been churning ears with his truly singular take on acoustic improvising for the past ten years. New York City-via-Houston based, he has avoided much notice from wide ranging auidences despite his string of releases and critical praise. Dean Roberts lauded in Opprobrium that Gayle’s playing on his ’97 debut Keguribap is “wildly individualistic … this makes a lot of [his] contemporaries/predecessors seem overrated in the eternal search for expansion on the instrument.” Gayle seems to talk with trees, moving wind and desert elements with hollowed bodies, wooden fret boards and steel strings. Assorted percussion, gongs and toys also fliter in.
Kevin Uehlinger’s Alchemusic –
Pianist, composer and astrologer Kevin Uehlinger returns to Newsonic with his “Alchemusic” compositions, derived from principles of molecular biology and the I Ching. Kevin is another veteran of the Middletown scene of the late 90s. He has recorded with Anthony Braxton and performed with Wadada Leo Smith, Jessica Pavone, and Harris Eisenstadt, among others. Tonight he brings a rhythm section comprised of drummer Adam Kriney (La Otracina, Brooklyn Raga Association) guitarist Alex Kennedy-Grant (Madame Robot, Humboldt Fog) and bassist Taylor Bergren-Chrisman together with a classic Middletown-circa-1996 horn section of Jackson Moore, John Speck, Seth Misterka, and Brandon Evans…. with some other surprise guests – and sounds – possible as well.
Instant Conductors –
Instant Conductors is a platform for the several audio/visual projects and personas of digital freeloader, Brian Gibson aka Don Trust aka Suit Machine.
Silver Ash –
Silver Ash is a collaborative effort between percussionist Jeff Arnal, guitarist Aaron Dugan (x-Matisyahu), and electronics guru Casey Block. They are releasing a new 7″ this spring on Generate Records.
Long Distance Poison –
Long Distance Poison is a Brooklyn based void drone band. LDP can be located someplace in the analog wilderness amidst the likes of early Tangerine Dream, Kluster, John Carpenter and Terry Riley. Erica Bradbury, Casey Block, and Nathan Cearley use old Moogs, Arps, Rolands, and treated guitars to create dark soft-electronic-metal–sonic textures composed of macabre sludge, chunk, and swirls.
Jenny Electrik –
A solo theremin performance by Jenny Electrik of Dynasty Electirc.
Jackson Moore –
Inspired by organizations such as the Sun Ra Arkestra and the AACM, Jackson Moore has pursued a career outside the convential boundaries of the music industry. Over the years he has organized an anarchist community orchestra, recorded a book of radically antisymmetrical song forms, developed a fully functional musical pidgin language, and organized the annual New Languages festival, among other things. Tonight he presents a set of formalized music based on natural language syntax, with James Ilgenfritz, John Speck, Bryant Davis, and special guests.
Mike Pride Bass Trio –
Composer / Percussionist Mike Pride has been breaking down the barriers between avant-jazz, noise, punk rock through his work with outfits including Dynamite Club, From Bacteria to Boys, Drummer’s Corpse, and now the premiere of his new Bass Trio with Mike Pride on drums, Jonathan Moritz on amplified tenor sax, and Alexis Marcelo on synthesizer.
Foxglove –
Surf music on speed from Virtuosic Keyboardist Annabelle Cazes, Shy Child’s Nate Smith on drums, and Adam Fisher on bass.
Brian Chase, Seth Misterka, and Matthew Welch –
Brian Chase drummer of the Yeah Yeahs and Seth Misterka of Dynasty Electric have been creating a unique minimalist electro free-jazz on 2 releases on Australian noise/metal label Heathen Skulls. Tonight they join up with multi-instrumentalist composer Matthew Welch whose work has been documented on John Zorn’s
Tzadik Record Label.
Talibam! –
Hailing from New York, Talibam! Is one of the most potent and fascinating bands in contemporary music. With 15 European tours since ’07, and 20 album releases since ’05, the seven+ years of interplay between keyboardist Matt Mottel and drummer Kevin Shea has created one of the most unique and exciting live shows and some of the most powerfully recorded documents of any era. At a time when most culture sticks to conservative niche opportunities, Talibam! is interested in expansion and exploration; They manage to part the sea by not sticking to genre, aesthetic predisposition or the usual norms of what being a ‘band’ is. More inclined to put on a show that any and all will like, and not be stymied by ‘avant’ type casting, they have won over both unsuspecting and in the ‘know’ audiences worldwide. The energy of Kevin Shea’s full steam drumming is not to be missed, nor is the primal tone of Mottel’s synth run through a Marshall Half Stack.
The Electronic Border Batrol featuring Dave Miller on drums, Chuck Bettis on electronics, Alan Bjorklund on trumpet, and special guests.