Video: Another Brick In The Wall (Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!) cover!

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Blurred Vision, a band of two young Iranian brothers, Sepp and Solh in Toronto used the Pink Floyed song  “Another Brick in the Wall“, which was written by the great Roger Waters in 1979, as a musical-political statement to express their support for the pro-democracy movement and revolution in Iran which started in the summer of 2009 in Tehran, Iran.

The famous line, “Hey. teacher, leave us kids alone” is replaced with “Hey, Ayatollah, leave those kids alone” which was approved by Roger Waters. The video shows a mullah and the security forces chasing after and beating the young protesters in Iran. The director of the  video is the Canadian/Iranian filmmaker, Babak Payami who lives in Toronto.

A great cover for a great cause!

Blurred Vision about this video

Blurred Vision began with the hopes and intentions of using music to break down the “walls” that separate us from one another. Be it religion, government, politics, or whatever the case, Blurred Vision are set on a path to rival the “powers that be” with their music, and aim to bring forth the blooming of humanity’s unity!

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