Interview: Sunny Jain – another Indian-American monsoon!

Text and interview by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi August 3, 2011 at the Lincoln Center (NY)

Drummer, composer, educator and band leader (Asphalt Orchestra, Red Baraat and Sunny Jain Collective) Sunny Jain, a native of Rochester, New York, now living and working in New York City, is one of the South Asian-American jazz musicians who brings Jazz and the ancient sounds of India together. His Punjabi roots and appreciation for Bollywood classics and Indian dance rhythms can be heard in his work. In general his music is very eclectic fusing Jazz with Indian music integrating drum & bass, progressive rock, Brazilian and West African rhythms.



Jain plays also the dhol, a double-sided, barrel-shaped North Indian drum slung over one shoulder played with bamboo sticks, in Red Baraat. This band is a unique dhol ‘n’ brass band incorporating the North Indian rhythm Bhangra into the brass funk style music.



Read more about Sunny and his career.

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