Music listings – 9/5 through 9/11

1. Lukas Ligeti – Elliott Sharp Duo

Date: Monday, September 5, 2011
Time: 8pm
Venue: the University of the Streets (130 east 7th street. 2nd floor. NY)
Ticket: $10
Genre: Jazz/improve

Guitarist/saxophonist/electronicist/unpredictable multi-instrumentalist Elliott Sharp and drummer Lukas Ligeti join forces for an exploration of freely-improvised polymeters, fractal proportions, and exploding microscopic soundscapes. drawing on free and open skies of all kinds – jazz, conceptual, new music, etc., they open the doors to musical vistas yet unseen.


Date: Wednesday, September 7, 2011
Time: 10pm
Venue: the University of the Streets (130 east 7th street. 2nd floor. NY)
Ticket: $10
Genre: electronica/improve/avant pop

Matthew Mottel – synthesizer, Kevin Shea – drums + guests on bass and trombone.

Matt Mottel (synthesizer) and Kevin Shea (drums) have been performing and recording together for six years for the sake of music, for the sake of integrating critical reevaluation into the idea of what a band and music can be. Their enthusiasm for sound and the desecration, humiliation of its conspicuous commercial applications has led to the dissolving of their own self contained borders in order to broaden their musical vocabulary and heighten stylistic shifts into an overarching manifesto on the state of music

3. Red Baraat

Date: Friday, September 9, 2011
Time: 10:30pm
Venue: Mercury Lounge (217 East Houston St., New York, NY 10002)
Ticket: $20
Genre: Bhangara/New Orleans Jazz

In just over two short years, the pioneering Brooklyn dhol and brass party juggernaut RED BARAAT have become known as one of the best live bands playing anywhere. Led by dhol player Sunny Jain, the nine piece (comprised of dhol ((double-sided barrel shaped North Indian drum slung over one shoulder)) drumset, percussion, sousaphone, and 5 horns melds the infectious North Indian rhythm Bhangra with a host of sounds, namely funk, go-go, latin, and jazz. This rare intimate performance will be the band’s debut at the Mercury Lounge and promises to go late.

Check out Sunny Jain’s interview in DooBeeDoo


Date: Saturday, September 10,  2011
Time: 10pm
VenueBarbes (376 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY)
Ticket: $10
Genre: funky Pakistani trad music

Inspired by recordings of the late great Sufi singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Brook Martinez founded Brook’s Qawwali Party in 2004 as an experiment. What would happen if New York jazz musicians were to play and improvise around the melodies of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan? From this idea, Brook’s Qawwali Party was born. BQP consists of fourteen musicians: five horns, three percussionists, guitar, acoustic bass, harmonium and three designated clappers. The exuberant sound of BQP has been enthusiastically welcomed in New York City and across the globe.