Again: my dear Japan why are you doing this to yourself?!

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Japan, Japan…my second home country! I can’t believe that the Japanese people are so ignorant to each other! They don’t care about each other. They don’t have the guts to go on the streets and let the government know what needs to be changed. Oh Buddha, what is going to happen to the children of pregnant women in the next years? Why do babies have to suffer in the next years for the mess their parents and grandparents created? It’s really ridiculous that the Yen is getting stronger. Anyway…dear Japanese please get in charge of your mess and don’t believe the politicians, scientists and the media. Find out by yourself what is happening around you. You have enough knowledge and the ability to use any kind of tools to do your research. You could also ask for help from outside of Japan because Japan’s disaster is a World disaster. The same thing could happen here in New York! Is the nuclear plant in Upstate New York really safe after the recent earthquake?

The video below is produced by German’s ZDF channel which shows how bad the situation in Japan is. It is dedicated to the Japanese people and I would like them to watch this video really careful! Any comments regarding this video are appreciated (please mail to