Occupy Wall Street – again another victory!!!! And music was an important part of it!

Text and video by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Today, October 15th, was a special day for this movement: International Day of Action – Massive Global Uprising…here in NY city, in America and abroad (Italy, Japan, Canada, etc.). Read more about this unspoken revolution in http://www.occupywallstreet.com.

DooBeeDooBeeDoo was at Times Square in Manhattan when thousands of locals and tourists gathered to demonstrate their dissatisfaction about anything. Today our interest was to find out whether music was a positive force in this big rally. And YES it was! Music was everywhere. Either people were rapping slogans, singing folk songs, playing all kinds of instruments or even when discussing things, you could hear and feel music. – Personally I was very happy when I saw this sign (watch below video).

But we hope that from now on more professional musicians come out and play music from their hearts to push this movement to one or many more levels higher.

Enjoy the below videos in which music speaks to people’s hearts.