Video Daughters – Get Me A Body…..the Video……..

Text by Jim Hoey

The new Video Daughters album hits the world on Dec. 6th, and this video is proof of real tangible gains and successes since an earlier demo, sweat and blood-like in the studio to make it all appear before you as it is. What I take away from watching it is a real pastiche of the classic NYC thing, someone from there comes to do what they did before, but HERE, for the fun and hell and chance and challenge of it. The vocals remind me of American hope too smart to be blind, and some disgust and joy and whatnot. Who the hell knows though, cuz this video blinks from a platform station outside to faces and morphing torsos gimping at the shoulder, and then we’re back on the street and I catch a line about future businessmen of the world with shit on their dicks, then hypnotic swirls and baby faces, and mouths open with eyeballs superimposed on backs, and then tongues with littler mouths singing from their surface. Great editing within this one visually, and the music is glitchy on the edges and lo-fi centrally, but really pure new Americana overall. Check it for yourself.

From the band Video Daughters themselves (Mike Green, Scott Townsend, John Creery):
Check out our new video for “Get Me a Body”:
It was directed by our friend Chris Ernst, done in one shot, no stunt doubles, zero edits. Not really, but Chris did direct it, and here’s a link to more of his awesome stuff:
AND, we are digitally releasing our debut full-length album ZooS next Tuesday, Dec. 6.  The whole album is available for pre-order at $5.  Your support is deeply appreciated, as it has taken well over a year to get ZooS out there. We will include a digital download of our EP, “Birds, Sing the Car Alarm,” if you place a pre-order.  There are 4 FREE songs from ZooS, currently available for download, so go head over to:
Thanks for your time ‘n ears, peoples.