CD Review: Kiosk – a pioneer of Iran’s underground music movement, presents a compilation of new songs and old favorites, recorded live at the legendary jazz club, Yoshi’s of San Francisco in 2010

Triple-DistilledArtist: Kiosk
Title: Triple Distilled – Live at Yoshi’s “Seh Taghtireh”
Label: 9821 Productions
Genre: World/Persian contemporary

Review by Piruz Partow

Kiosks live recording at the world famous Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland is a fun listen with upbeat   energy and spirit. For the non-Farsi speaker, a lot can be lost with this recording, so it is recommended to refer to the Kiosk website that conveniently gives translations of the song. This record has a lot of gypsy spirit to it compared to other recordings by Kiosk that are more rock and funk oriented. With heavy violin and accordion this album really shows a heavy influence in the Jazz Manouche or Gypsy Jazz that was created by the great Django Reinhardt in Europe in the mid 20th century. A real highlight on the record is a guest appearance by Bruno Pelletier who plays in a very gitan/gypsy style on several tracks. Where some live albums tend to hold a band back and show their limitations, this record shows how versatile and diverse Kiosk is. The sound quality and arrangements are top notch with quality musicianship filled with both intensity and control. This record is a must for any farsi speaking music lover.

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Track #4 “Agha! Nigah Dar” (YouTube video)