DooBeeDoo still supports the Occupy Wall Street movement!

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Since beginning of this year I have been very busy with the production and promotion of my CD. So I was more concerned about myself than others and this movement. Soryyyyyyyyyyy! As you know I was interested and supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement from the beginning and featured it a couple of times in DooBeeDoo.

How do I feel about this movement now? Still very good and I’m very happy that I hear more about them recently in everyday conversations or in the media, such as The Village Voice which is announcing OCCUPY SPRING is coming soon in this week’s issue. Or my subway paper am NEW YORK Sign of the times: Occupy Wall Street pranks MTA. So some OWC actions are already happening. And I really hope that OWC will become a big and loud voice during the presidential election this year.

Here is a video made by Al-Jazeera Occupy Wall Street: Surviving the Winter,” Part Two of the documentary produced by Jordan Flaherty and Sweta Vorha for Al-Jazeera. Might be worthwile watching it.


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