Dafnis Prieto: one of my favorite NY drummers in NY

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Since coming to New York I have played with many drummers, but there is one drummer who I haven’t played with yet, but would love to: Dafnis Prieto. Whom I have already introduced to you, my dear reader, last year in this post.

What I love about Prieto is that he transposes elements from his Afro-Cuban musical background, rumba and son, into a jazzy drumming style incorporating congas and timbales in his playing. He’s able to to play very complex, poly rhythmic structures with extraordinary speed and precision. No wonder he’s one of Michel Camilo’s favorite drummers!

He’s putting out a new CD and here is his EPK to it. Very well produced. In the next DooBeeDoo music listings I will announce his CD release event dates at the Jazz Standard in NY.