Text by Soahrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Three weeks ago I joined Local 802 because as a music activist I have to join and work with all kinds of people and groups in order to achieve my goals as a musician,  individual and family man. In July I already introduced you to the union in the post To all musicians: your instruments are allowed as airplane carry-ons!!!  (read here). As a result of the union support I could take my horn as a carry-on last week when I flew to Tokyo. Also from now on when I play on the NY streets or in parks and I have problems with the cops trying to stop me, I can refer to my union or get some assistance from them to stop meaningless and illegal police harassment.

Unfortunately I can’t join today’s march because I’m still in Tokyo.

Text by Local 802    

We will march alongside unions from all over the city, as we celebrate working people and call for the protection of workers’ rights all over the U.S.

  • Preserve the tradition of LIVE music in NYC
  • Fight for minimum scale wages, pension, and recording protections for all musicians
  • Defend the right to collective bargaining
  • Fight the assault on the salaries, pensions and health benefits of working people
Local 802 is in the lead section of the parade.
This Saturday, September 8th
10:00 AM
We will meet at East 44th Street, between Fifth & Vanderbilt Avenues