Dance and music: Sven Kacirek’s new music video “Nutcracker/Pas De Deux”

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Here is another new Sven Kacirek video Nutcracker/Pas De Deux again made and produced by the German video artist Agnieszka Krzeminska. As always I love the visuals which really match well with the soundtrack of the video.

For many years, my friend and music colleague Sven Kacirek has been closely collaborating with the choreographer Antje Pfundtner, whose next modern dance production, The Nutcracker, will premiere at Kampnagel in Hamburg, December 12, 2012.

Antje Pfundtner is one of Kacirek’s favorite modern dance choreographers. Previously he composed music for her two dance pieces “Res(e)t” and Tim Acy and Die Kandidaten.  For this occasion Kacirek  re-recorded and re-arranged Tschaikowsky ‘s composition Pas de Deux. The music is mostly electronic with some analog sounds in it. Very ambient, minimal and repetitive.

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