Music listings – 12/3 through 12/9

1. Himalayas

Date: Monday, December 3, 2012
Time: 9:30pm
Venue: Zebulon (258 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211)
Ticket: free
Genre: marching band music

Kenny Wollesen and his marching Band HIMALAYAS is a marching band experience like no other. Preferring to play on the street and have its audience participate in the show, they play anywhere & anytime and have been known to play on bridges, mountain tops, beaches, in elevators, on grammy nominated records, on huge uptown stages & in dinky downtown clubs. With an ever-changing cast of characters, a songbook of todays freshest composers and a penchant for smashing genres–HIMALAYAS is a spontaneous, organic, ephemeral pleasure-filled situation!

2. THE WESTERN ENISPHERE &  Johnny Reinhard

Date: Monday, December 3, 2012
Time: 8pm
Venue: SPECTRUM (121 Ludlow St, 2nd Fl Manhattan, NY)
Ticket: $5-10 suggested donation
Genre: electronics/contemporary music

Micro-investigations of hyper-charged hypno-phenomenal vibrations..a brand new big piece, a new solo trombone/drone invocation and the the premiere of our harmonic/beat frequency video projection system. Lysergia squared..

THE WESTERN ENISPHERE for this show will be: Sam Kulik – trombone, Will Stanton – audio/video drone controllers, Danny Tunick – percussion, Michael Evans – percussion and David First – guitar. With special guests: John Bohannon – guitar and Clinton Wilkins – guitar

This night will also feature a performance by microtonalist extraordinaire, bassoonist Johnny Reinhard.

3. Mark Miller Septet

Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Time: 8pm
Venue: Iridium (1650 Broadway New York, NY 10019, 212-582-212)
Ticket: $25
Genre: jazz

The septet features Mark’s original music and some unique arrangements of American pop songs not usually associated with instrumental jazz. The content is sophisticated, yet accessible to all; this music aims to delight and move you, rather than impress you. The chemistry among the band members is born of friendship and great mutual respect. This promises to be an unforgettable night of deep grooves, beauty, and genuine warmth that touches the soul.

Mark Miller – trombone, Sean Harkness – guitar, Cliff Lyons – soprano & tenor saxes, Anton Denner – alto & tenor saxes, flute, Nicki Denner – piano, Gary Wang – bass and William “Beaver” Bausch – drums

4. Dafna Naphtali  & Ursel Schlicht

Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Time: 7pm
Venue: SPECTRUM (121 Ludlow St, 2nd Fl Manhattan, NY)
Ticket: $5-10 suggested donation
Genre: electronics/contemporary music

Dafna Naphtali and Ursel Schlicht forge their respective and unique approaches to their instruments and music.  Dafna’s instrument is live sound processing —  “audio machinations” of her extended vocal techniques and other instruments. In this performance she lets loose on Ursel Schlicht’s signature techniques inside the piano and at the keyboard.

In the second set in a quartet with Briggan Krauss (saxophone) and Satoshi Takeishi (percussion) — there’ll be electro-acoustic improvisations, live sound processing, tight interaction between music and audio gestures and phrasing, and an exploration/inspiration of a tune or two by (recently departed) pianist Borah Bergman.


Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Time: 9:30pm
Venue: 74 Franklin street, studio #1 (near Canal St. A C E, Canal St. N R, and Franklin St. 1 trains)
Ticket: donation
Genre: jazz/improve/electronics

Pete Drungle – piano, electronics and Daniel Carter – woodwinds with special guest Brian Close – live video projection.


Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Time: 8pm
Venue:  The Cell Theatre (338 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011, ph: 646-861-2253)
Ticket: $20
Genre: world/jazz

WAHID is a musical dialogue between Chris Wabich on frame drums and Dimitris Mahlis on oud, approaching composition and improvisation in a daring, genre-defying way.

Both in his compositions and playing, Greek-born Mahlis skillfully draws from Greek, Persian, Carnatic, and Western jazz traditions; in his hands, the oud deftly transforms into a multi-dimensional stringed instrument echoing these traditions.

3 time Grammy nominee, Chris Wabich, created the world’s first bass frame drum set specifically for Wahid. His unique setup conveys an extraordinary undercurrent of rhythm and bass harmonic function allowing the duo to create new sonic potential.

Special guests:  Ole Mathisen (woodwinds) and Jamshied Sharifi (keuboards).


Date: Thursday, December 6, 2012
Time: 8pm & 10pm
Venue: Douglass Street Music Collective (295 Douglass Street (b/w 3rd & 4th Avenues) in Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY)
Ticket: $10
Genre: jazz

8:00pm – Douglass Street Music Collective welcomes a new group, “The Ohnos” featuring:
Jef Lee Johnson, guitar (in a rare NYC performance!), Dan Blake, reeds, Leo Genovese, instruments, Dmitry Ishenko, bass and Lukas Ligeti, percussion.

9:30pmSKETCHES – “Sketches” will present a new batch of compositions as well as pieces recently recorded for their debut album, due for release in early 2013: Matt Holman, trumpet, Jeremy Udden, alto sax, Jarrett Cherner, piano, Martin Nevin, bass and Ziv Ravitz, drums.

8. Food Will Win The War w. Rosco Bandana

Date: Thursday, December 6, 2012
Time: 6:30pm
Venue:  Bowery Electric (327 Bowery, New York, NY 10003)
Price: $8
Genre: indie/folk rock

Food Will Win the War is accordion-infused, violin-tinged glockenspiel rock. Friends of SoSaLa.

Other appearing bands and order:


Graveyard Lovers

The Highway

Food Will Win The War

Zoe Sundra


Date: Friday, December 7, 2012
Time: 8pm
Venue: Littlefield (622 Degraw St, Brooklyn, New York 11217)
Ticket: $10
Genre: alternative rock/noise/metal/blues

Come celebrate 10 years of Seizures Palace Recording in Brooklyn while helping out some neighbors heavily affected by Hurricane Sandy. Bands scheduled to perform: Pants Exploder, Kevin Omen, Heldin, Martin Bisi, Sightings and Gnaw. Cover is $10. All door proceeds to go to Civil Defense/Translator Audio/South Sound.

Seizures Palace was started in 2002 in the Old American Can Factory by Jason LaFarge. Albums recorded there include those by Swans, Khanate, Akron/Family, Chicha Libre, Mighty High, Angels of Light, Ovo, and many more.

Civil Defense/Translator Audio/South Sound was a recording/rehearsal studio complex opened this year down the street from Seizures Palace by a collection of good people who really care and believe in what they are working toward. The surge from Hurricane Sandy completely flooded the complex and all was lost. They need help. If you can’t come to the show, please help by donating here: bands:PANTS EXPLODER – formed this year by Grady Walker (guitar/vocals), Robin Fowler (drums) and Jason LaFarge (bass). Work has just begun on the debut album at Seizures Palace. OMEN – I’ve worked with Kevin for about as long as the studio has been open. First as frontman for Smokewagon and then through his solo efforts and as guitarist for Mighty High. He’s one of my favorite people in the world and a hell of a performer. Very happy to have him on the bill. – Heldin hail from the forgotten streets of Brooklyn’s waterfront in Red Hook. A 3 piece turned 4 piece fronted by a diminutive pirate queen, whose howling whiskey soaked vocals wrap themselves around a distorted crushing blend of slow melodic blues and pulverizing swampy metal riffs, have been destroying audiences in New York for over a year and have just released their debut album Profungalactic recorded at Seizures Palace.
Heldin is Aubrey Smith, Phil Kestra, Frank McDermott, and Jason LaFarge. BISI – Martin is a legendary producer/engineer who has recorded classic albums from such artists as Sonic Youth, John Zorn, Swans, Boredoms and Dresden Dolls. If it weren’t for Martin, Seizures Palace wouldn’t exist. I am honored to have Martin and his band play this show. – A remarkable NYC band. My words can’t do them justice, so read Aaron Moore’s instead:
We are finishing up their next record at Seizures Palace this month.
Sightings is Mark Charles Morgan, Jon Lockie and Richard Hoffman. – I first worked with Alan Dubin on the last 2 Khanate records. Very excited to have Gnaw playing this show. From their Myspace page: “Gnaw is the sawblade-wrapped-in-razorwire brainchild of Alan Dubin (Khanate, OLD), Carter Thornton (Enos Slaughter), Jun Mizumachi (Ike Yard), and Jamie Sykes (Thorr’s Hammer, Burning Witch). Their 2009 debut for Conspiracy Records “This Face” was further infected and finally delivered by engineer Brian Beatrice before being wrought for stage deployment with additional drummer Eric Neuser. “This Face” has been described as a “genre destroying journey” and utilizes pounding percussion, factory noise, chordal slabs of guitar and bass, as well as homemade electro-acoustic contraptions. Dubin’s unique and legendary shriek delivers vivid portrayals of all things bad.”
Gnaw is Alan Dubin, Jun Mizumachi, Carter Thornton, Eric Neuser and Brian Beatrice.

10. Bassoon, SARCAUSTIC, Elevator Rose and Blipvert

Date: Saturday, December 8, 2012
Time: 8pm
Venue:  JACK ( 505 ½ Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238 Between Fulton – Atlantic in Clinton Hill, C or G train to Clinton-Washington)
Ticket: $10
Genre: electronics/contemporary-classical/free rock-metal

Bassoon – Stuart Popejoy (bass, keyboards) Sean Moran (guitar) John Mettam (drums)

Bassoon is an instrumental metal trio. “Bassoon occasionally avails itself of sheet music onstage, but don’t let that give you the wrong idea. The power trio is one of Brooklyn’s heaviest and most challenging, bringing to mind a mixture of Melvins-style avant-sludge and daredevil ’70s fusion.” Time Out New York.
SARCAUSTIC – Ron Anderson (guitar) Tim Dahl (bass) Weasel Walter (drums) Just one rule prevails: The music has to be it direct, to the point, powerful, with no sentimental bullshit.
Elevator Rose – Performing “Worker’s Union” by Louis Andriessen
Vasu Panicker (synth) Fred Trumpy (drumset) Joe Fee (electric bass) Ela Polak (violin) Adam Forman (mallets) with guests from Luke Schwartz (guitar), Paul Pinto (piano), Jeff Young (violin) Pat Muchmore (Cello) Joe Tucker (percussion)
Elevator Rose is a contemporary-classical group. They perform great “classical” music written during the last 50 years. For this performance they will be lead by Vasu Panicker and will perform as a larger ensemble with guest musicians from Quiet City, thingNY, Anti-Social Music, and Innovox.
Blipvert – Will Redmond (electronics) The term “Blipvert,” first used in the Max Headroom TV series, refers to an unrelenting stream of information resulting in a state of complete sensory overload. In a live setting, BlipVert’s highly frenetic and unpredictable performances make each show an experience to remember.

11. The ZenBeatz

Date: Saturday, December 8, 2012
The Firehouse Space (246 Frost St., East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211)
jazz/spoken words

The ZenBeatz are Albey Balgochian on bass and Jane Grenier B. wordist, with Satoshi Takeishi, percussion.

The ZenBeatz remind us of what it is to be truly free to express one’s self. Bassist/composer Albey Balgochian is noted for a great deal of bowing and pushing the boundary of sound. Twice voted “Best Performance” by AAJ for his work with Cecil Taylor (trio & big band) Balgochian clearly demonstrates his virtuoso technique as he reveales a perceptive insight into the expansive nature of his upright bass. Spoken wordist Jane Grenier B. is a storyteller. Her work is rooted in the music, the lyrics and the Freak Movement of the 60?s generation. Her writings are the voice of dissention, politically challenging and socially relevant.
Transcending the expected, this intriguing combination of bass and vocal delivery is powerful, mindful and emotionally stirring.