Have you heard of the Pakistani band “Noori” pioneers of the Pakistani rock music scene?!

Noori (“light” in Urdu) is an indie rock band from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, formed in 1996. The band is known for being one of the pioneers of the Pakistani rock music scene. It was formed by songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, Ali Noor, along with his younger brother Ali Hamza on rhythm guitar and back vocals. After many member changes they recruited John L. Pintoon on drums and Muhammad Ali Jafri on bass in 2012. Meanwhile Noori has put out three studio albums:

Though influenced by Western pop, rock and jazz music such as Abba, Elvis Presley and John Coltrane, Noori’s music is  still rooted in their native music tradition. During a summer tour in America in 2012, Asia Society New York‘s Rachel Cooper and Vivek Gupta were able to sit down with the band’s members — Ali Noor, Ali Hamza and John Louis ‘Gumby’ Pinto — at Asia Society New York to talk about their approach to music.