Jeremy Danneman…is not just a street muscian but also a music activist taking “his” music to the streets around the world.

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

I think, it was on the Lorimer Station platform last Monday or Tuesday around 1:30pm on my way back home from a rehearsal when I saw a young musician setting up his note stand and warming up on his alto saxophone. Playing a kind of a blues. I liked his tone, so I greeted him and started a short conversation with him. He told me that he would play Bach music from 2 to 3 pm because it was Bach’s birthday. Unfortunately our conversation was interrupted by my coming train. He gave me his card and I promised him to mail him my contact. On the train I read his card and was surprised to see that his last name “Danneman” was identical with the same name of my favorite German cigarillo “Dannemann.” With the only slight difference that his last name was written only with one “n”.

When I got home and checked out his website I found that this musician, Jeremy Danneman, is not just a street musician but also a very talented musician playing all kinds of saxophones and the clarinet and a composer, based in New York City. He’s also the founder and president of Parade of One, an international street performance project.

More about him in the video interview (part 1) below:

Danneman in Saigon

Recommended audio file

Parade of One Collaborations in Rwanda and Cambodia