2 Metal Postcard Records (Hong Kong) releases: Language of Shapes (Korea) & Dub Addiction (Cambodia)

1475576052-1Artist: Dub Addiction
Title: Dub Addiction Meets Kampuchea Rockers Uptown
Label: Metal Postcards Rec
Format: CD and 8 trax digital download
Genre: dub

Buy digital download here: http://metalpostcard.com/2013/coming-very-soon-now-dub-addiction-phnom-penh-debut-cd/

Cambodia´s one and only Ragga Dub band. Original Reggae tunes with Khmer, African and German Raggamuffin MC´s.

The Dub Addiction members are: Sebastian Adnot (bass), Benoit Carre (guitar), Toma Willen (drums), Kaë Lhassàn (keys), MC Curly (voc) and  FX: Professor Kinski (voc).

698369825-1Artist: Language Of Shapes
Title: s/t
Label: Metal Postcards Rec
Format: CD 8 trax and digital download
Genre: psychadelic folk

Buy digital download here: http://metalpostcard.bandcamp.com/album/language-of-shapes

Language of Shapes aren’t a bunch of kids playing indie music, throwing in an occasional djembe, mandolin, and bouzouki to impress their worldly pals. Not the case at all… Tristram Burden’s heavy and world weary voice delivers spiritual tomes and existential tales like someone wanting–no–needing to share his words. Within the 8 songs on this fantastic debut there is an urgency present throughout… It’s a bittersweet sound, filled with sadness and peace; but never regret… Language of Shapes are the real deal. World music, psychedelic folk, and pop all wrapped up in a post-apocalyptic rain dance amongst the muddy grounds of despair and enlightenment.” – John Hubner

Short Bio

Guided to leave the UK and search for Ascended Masters in the Andes, principal singer/songwriter Tristram Burden‘s journey eventually took him to South Korea to live. After spontaneously buying a mandolin and jamming with fellow musicians from Korea and America, Language of Shapes was formed, and two years later, nestled between the mountains and the sea, armed only with mandolins, a djembe, a bouzouki, a bass guitar, flute, and their voices, they’ve recorded their début album, out of the spotlight.