Musician Issue: How will the “sick pay law” work for musicians?


The new law means that even part-time musicians may earn paid sick time.

Under the new sick pay law, workers will be entitled to up to five paid sick days a year, with the right to carry over unused earned sick days. Sick leave will accrue at the rate of one hour per every 30 hours worked, so even part-time employees will be entitled to sick leave.

Accrual commences upon employment, but sick leave cannot be utilized until 120 days after employment began.

Unused accrued sick days may be carried over year to year. Employees who do not qualify for paid coverage are still entitled to 40 hours of unpaid sick leave at the same accrual rates.

How could this help you as a musician?…….

Read more in Allegro (Volume 113 No. 6 June, 2013):