Musician Issues: An Alert from the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) and Local 802

943560_143809585806798_840466723_nLocal 802 members are alerted to the struggle of Cablevision workers to win a fair contract through their union, CWA (Communications Workers of America). James Dolan is the owner of Cablevision and has engaged in a virulent and illegal anti-union activity in an attempt to defeat the workers’ quest for fairness.

Dolan also fronts a band called JD and the Straight Shot. He has been known to hire AFM members, including Local 802 musicians. JD and the Straight Shot is currently touring as the opening act for the Eagles. There may be union activity by CWA at some or all of the places of engagement where JD and the Straight Shot is performing to protest James Dolan’s union busting behavior.

We therefore caution all 802 members who are considering employment with JD and the Straight Shot. For more info on this campaign, please visit

Listen to this: