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metal_postcard_anim.2The Cambodian Space Project To Tour Australia

From September, Friday 13, through to December 1, The Cambodian Space Project will be touring Australia, on a mission to visit some of the country’s most remote and regional locations, CSP takes the road less traveled from Darwin to the far South of Tasmania. Along the way, CSP will play pubs, schools, community halls, backyard bbq’s, shindigs, hootenannies, space stations, desert watering holes, wineries and bowling clubs. See The Facebook Events Page for more info

Photo by Ancelmo James (Live @ Drom, August 9, 2013)

Photo by Ancelmo James
(Live @ Drom, August 9, 2013)

The Cambodian Space Project have also recently wound up recording their 3rd album in Detroit with Motown and wah wah legend Dennis Coffey. Under the working title Elephant Coffee: A Khmer Psychedelic Soul Revue this album takes the band to the next level.

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Dub Addiction Appear On The Telly & Off To Europe

Great little clip of Dub Addiction doing the all singing dancing thing on Cambodian telly don’t miss it ! – Watch the video below!

Currently the band are playing some festivals and Scandanavia and here at Metal Postcard we’re working on their new single “Cambodia”.  Check this tune out and more at Soundcloud.

Exciting News From Krom

We can’t tell you much except that these two musicians and local singers who’ve been a hit with the likes of Mark Coles (BBC / The Shed) will soon be far  more accessible  worldwide after they’ve tied up a couple of loose end on a very big deal

Leng Pleng

This is your guide to what’s happening music and artwise in Phnom Penh & further afield throughout the Kingdom…and now they’ve launched an app. So whilst you’re on the no.9 or the subway you can now amaze your family &  friends with what hip and happening in Cambodia !  Leng Pleng Mix – the official launch of the new Leng Pleng app will take place on this Thursday the 5th of September, 2013 starting at 7:30PM at the Village. If you are new to Leng Pleng then you must be made aware that we are the best way to hook into the vibrant Cambodian live music and DJ scene. Find out more at the web site at

Check Out 70’s Cambodian Band The Drakkar Band

Check out these funky dudes The Drakkar/Thra Kha / Dra Kha Band. They’ve just reformed after 40 + years and are currently playing live in Phnom Penh. Metal Postcard hopes to re-release their original album very soon

Do You Want to Sync Or License Original Cambodian Pop & Rock ?

Metal Postcard Records is the only record company to have worked with lawyers and govt departments in Cambodia to fashion a legal arrangement to use this wonderful music for licensing and sync purposes.
If you’d like to know how to get hold of this music legally please contact hocking(dot)sean(at)gmail(dot)com. We can also provide you with fully remastered versions of selected titles