DooBeeDoo Endorses Sylvain Leroux’s Kickstarter Campaign: Music Literacy Program for Guinea

Conduct and document a semester of an exploratory program in Guinea made possible by the new 6-hole “chromatic tambin” flute

Photo by Sylvain Leroux

Photo by Sylvain Leroux

The objective of this project is to develop and test a METHOD to bring MODERN MUSIC LITERACY to Guinean children by using the chromatic tambin,* a new, patented invention that is a modification of the tambin, the traditional flute from Guinea.   

The chromatic tambin can be made on site from simple and widely available plastic tubing, it is functional, sturdy and inexpensive and offers an original and progressive approach into the complexities of the twelve-tone musical system, a body of knowledge to which Guinean people currently have little or no access.

As the project movie relates, earlier this year, the tambin, along with notions of musical notation, were successfully introduced to a group of Guinean children.

This project focuses on the next step which consists of an extended, four-month stay, working with students on a daily basis, drilling them in solfeggio, theory and flute practice to achieve demonstrable results, such as playing recognizable polyphonic pieces as well as composing and performing works of their own, integrating their new knowledge with traditional music.

By donating to this project, you are:

1) Supporting the development of a potentially revolutionary teaching method
2) Helping the advancement of the chromatic tambin
3) Giving Guinean kids access to otherwise unattainable knowledge
4) Encouraging me, Sylvain Leroux, in my artistic and entrepreneurial pursuits

The whole experience will be documented aurally and visually and upon my return, a documentary film will be produced from that footage. Mulatta Records has generously committed to release a CD of student performances. The children will also be involved with decorating flutes in African cloth and various materials, some of these instruments will be made available to supporters, as well as professional quality tambins and chromatic tambins… and our gratitude.

Thank you very much for your consideration, I hope this project will inspire you and that you will be moved you offer your support.

Best wishes,
Sylvain Leroux

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