Asia Alt Music News: Metal Postcard To Re-Release Long Lost Cambodian Psych Classic by Drakkar Band!!

140x140Check out these funky dudes The Drakkar/Thra Kha / Dra Kha Band. They’ve just reformed after 40 + years and are currently playing live in Phnom Penh. Metal Postcard hopes to re-release their original album very soon.
This album is so bloody rare only about 20 people in Cambodia actually know of its existence and a few adventurous souls who could be bothered to comb the cassette stalls of Phnom Penh.

Here’s a hint of what you’ll be hearing on a myspace page. Not only will Metal Postcard release this album on vinyl, but they will try and get as close as is humanly possible to the original artwork which also has some fantastic flares going on. They’re now almost at the stage of working with the original tapes.  They’re told the stories that these guys have about the final weeks and months before the Khmer Rouge rolled into Phnom Penh make the Great Gatsby sound rather dull!

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