Musician Issues: UNSOUND – Rhett Miller of OLD 97’s discusses the changing music business [VIDEO]

By Trichordist Editor

Some thoughts by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

I think he speaks for many musicians, who don’t need to be involved in music business in general. Because he has people and a company, who take care of him. But what about the musicians who are not in his position? Musicians who “create” original music…have just a small fan base…self release their music…distribute their products through the CD BABY network…who play only donation or door gigs ($5 – $10)…etc.???

Yes, I agree that music is art, but as far as you have no rich sponsor behind you and have to feed your kids, than you ought to think how to sell your music. Which doesn’t mean that you have to make mainstream music. However you must know for yourself, what the goal of your music is, and how you want to spread it out. You need to know where your audience is, and how you can reach it. Please educate yourself and discuss things with your fellow music colleagues. Or even go to your local musicians union and ask for advice or any kind of assistance.

I think we musicians can’t depend on anybody else anymore. The times have changed when it comes to making money with music. If you don’t mind to stay poor and live for the sake of “just’ playing and composing music, than I advice you: don’t get married and don’t have kids, and have as many girlfriends or boy friends as you can!!! Be a part timer for a while. And don’t complain about your life as an musician and please enjoy your misery as a non-recognized artist.

Musicians  here in New York and around the world: please be educated, smart and wise as much as you can. For every musician there’s a demand and a special spot in his or her community!