Saluti A Tutti! This is Kultur Shock, we’re a Seattle-based gypsy punk band…culture shock…?!

unnamedText by Amy Denio (Kultur Shock member)

We all survived the Kultur Shock: Heaven and Hell Tour of November/December 2013 with limps, scrapes, a mashed fingertip, various pitched coughs (depending on size of chest cavity), enduring lots of ice & cold and Saso guiding us through dicey driving conditions (thanks Santa Marta for all you do for us).
But more importantly every concert was amazing, we met the next young generation of music lovers, orgonite was in positive evidence.  Other high points:  security guards surrounded me when I filmed a CPR video in the foyer of a Health Clinic waiting to meet my friends (no arrest), plus I inadvertently broke and entered a man’s apartment in Mostar looking for a toilet ~ he kindly offered me coffee (no arrest).
This short tour created more beautiful memories than one could ever imagine.  18 concerts in 21 days, spanning France, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary and Romania. See photos & videos to the right…

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EITHER:  See my recent tour photos on flickr…presenting the lovely quiet holiday aspects of our tour together.

OR… Watch Kultur Shock Tour Diaries / Winter 2013…
Presenting the chaotic adventurous reality of how we tour together.
Mostly filmed by Chris Stromquist, Guy Davis and AD, edited by Chris Stromquist on the fly

Day 1
Day 2 
Day 3
Day 3 (part 2) 
Day 4:
Day 5: Perpignan FR
Day 6 (Part 1) Lausanne, CH
Day 6 (part 2) Lausanne, CH
Day 7: Dijon, FR 
Day 8: Paris, FR 
Day 9 (Part 1) Sainte Nazaire, FR
Day 10: Le Val d’Ajol F