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Text by Kultur Shock

Who? Kultur Shock?

For those of you who do not know us, we are a Seattle based sextet, comprised of musicians from Bosnia, Bulgaria and the US. We have produced 5 LPs, 1 EP, 2 Live albums, 2 DVDs and have performed almost everywhere in Europe, many places in the US of A and Canada, and have scratched the surface of touring in Asia by playing in Russia and Turkey.

Since 2008 we released four records on our own label – Kultur Shock Records. The band has performed over 900 shows – from the tiniest club, to festivals of a magnitude we will omit mentioning, because it will look like bragging. In other words, we are hard working live band that travels a ton, plays 90 minute sweaty sets, self-produces, self-manages and self-finances everything. We do not comply with corporate requirements to do things “the way it’s done in the industry”, we are not slaves to trends, we pride ourselves in being honest in what we write (along with our political views), and approach our records and live shows as though they are the last thing we will do in our lives.

People say we play Balkan folk influenced punk- metal. Guess that’s what we do.


A new record, with the working title “IX”, is in our heads. We have more ideas that we can count and we would like to make a record that will be available for digital download, CD (oh my god!, this is kinda old fashioned already), and vinyl- if we have the money to afford that (super old-fashioned to a point of cool, right?). Digital downloads will be FREE for anybody after record release date. The proceeds of CD and vinyl sales will be collected in order to finance future production.

Along with this, since the old models of music creation, production, distribution and sales are gone forever, and new model doesn’t really exist, we believe a good ol’ 70s punk rock ethic adjusted for the reality of the new century is the healthy way to go.


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