Metal Postcard Records Presents India’s New Underground: ZOO (debut album)

ZOOArtist: ZOO
Title: Atoms And Combinations
Label: Metal Postcard Rec
Genre: indie rock


Debut album by Calcutta based trip hop and electronic act ZOO.

“The four-piece band on striking a perfect balance between organic and electronic elements on their debut album, ‘Atoms and Combinations,” – ROLLING STONE

Released 01 July 2014

The name “Zoo” stands for the human zoo in today’s society…society makes us into civilized human beings but deep down we are caged animals with primal instincts, reflecting in the crimes, distortion, corruption, abuse, etc. that prevails in everyday life, hence the name “Zoo”, as the songs are a reflection of true human nature in the modern urban society…

Members :

Tanya Sen – vocals, live triggers

Bodhisattwa Ghosh – programming, synthesizers, guitars, vocals

Prosanto Mahato – bass

Rohit Nandi – drums & interference