KICKSTARTER Campaign: Help us launch our record label!!! International Anthem

International Anthem Recording Co. (IARC) is a new record label on the eve of creation by us – David Allen, Joe Darling, and Scottie McNiece of Uncanned Music – to promote the work of artists we’ve presented and recorded in Chicago, Illinois.

About Us

We started Uncanned Music in 2011 to provide unique soundtracks for spaces – to supervise music and customize playlists for bars and restaurants.

From the beginning, our mission of curating context-specific music experiences has compelled us to arrange live performances in hospitality settings, not merely to entertain guests, but also to encourage talented musicians to flex the full capacity of their craft to make unique sounds in these communal atmospheres.

In these settings, however, our audience has been constrained by the limitations of the venue–finite spaces, singular experiences. Thankfully, we’ve been recording.

We are now ready to take our role as music curators to the next level and establish a record label – International Anthem Recording Co. – as a means to eternalize the amazing music we’ve been able to facilitate, and to make the work of the musicians who’ve inspired us available to a world audience who otherwise could not otherwise join us for a show in Chicago.

Our Plan

The infinite mission of International Anthem is to make positive contributions to the changing state of the music industry, and to vitalize the demand for boundary-defying music by presenting unique sounds in appealing packages to untapped audiences.

By releasing our recordings in deluxe packages and in unique, high-fidelity formats, we believe IARC products will be highly valuable, alluring artifacts with strong potential for physical sales and growing the audience for creative, forward-thinking music.

We will continue striving to foster the creation of new music from the ground up – facilitating and enabling recordings from concept to composition, to performance, documentation, promotion and distribution.

In doing so, we’ll break the mold of the traditional record label and operate as a more productive business attractive to talented artists. We’ll provide compositional performance residencies for musicians and invest in the development and recording of music for release. We will refuse to engage in profiteering, and work to ensure artist-friendly arrangements are always in place.

 Why We Need Your Help

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