DooBeeDoo Recommends This Fundraising Campaign: Join Team Spoot! ‘Avant Goddess’ Amy Denio to produce 2 beautiful new recordings on Spoot Music!

Text by Amy Denio


Photo courtesy of Amy Denio

Photo courtesy of Amy Denio

Greetings to all!

I am Amy Denio, a singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, improviser and producer. I’ve been creating and collaborating for most of my life. My main instruments are voice, sax, clarinet, accordion, bass and guitar, though I love making music with almost anything ~ heavy metal(s), balloons, theremin, my mother’s gallstones in a glass jar, slapping water in a bathtub or singing in a cistern, making field recordings. Sound is my language.

I play with and compose for Kultur Shock, Tiptons Sax Quartet, Ama Trio, and many other groups worldwide. Sharing my music with the quiet people AND the loud people; I adore seeing purple-haired teen punks sitting next to purple-haired elder ladies at my concerts.

Through years of work producing sound, I have seen music create communities out of strangers or even sometimes former enemies.

And now I now turn to you, my beautiful international community, to ask for your help. Let’s collaborate. Become co-producer and help me produce 2 new projects for my record label Spoot Music:

I. In October, 2014 I’m producing Italian sextet OU’s second release!
II. In December, 2014 I’m working on a collaborative duo CD with flautist/vocalist extraordinare Emily Hay!

I will produce both recordings at the fabulous LITHO Studios (Pearl Jam’s Studio) in Seattle, with my favorite engineer Floyd Reitsma.

Read more about Amy’s fundraiser here:

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