Music Listings – 1/26 through 2/1/2015


Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Venue: Sacred Arts Research Foundation (107 Green St #G55, Brooklyn, New York 11222)
Ticket: $20
Genre: percussion workshop

Join us in for a hands-on musical experience led by hand percussionist and musical messenger Adam Maalouf. The workshop will focus on rhythms and techniques for hand drums of the Mediterranean, including Frame Drums, Doumbek (goblet shaped drum), and Riq (Middle Eastern Tambourine). The workshop will also explore ways of approaching and composing on the Hand Pan (commonly known as the Hang Drum). No experience is necessary! Drums will be provided at no extra cost, and you are welcome to bring your own to play and share. Dust off your drum and Pre-Register today!

Multi-Instrumentalist Adam Maalouf is a performer, composer, educator and musical messenger. As a specialist in world percussion, Adam produces his own music live and in the studio, in which he incorporates instruments such as the Hand Pan, cello, vocals, drum set, world percussion, marimba, and electronics.

As an active teacher in New York City and beyond, Adam has given workshops and master classes in Middle Eastern Percussion, Indian Percussion, and cross-cultural percussion at The Eastman School of Music, The University of Rochester, Asheville Percussion Festival, and The Mendocino Music and Dance Retreat. He currently holds a residency teaching Cello and African Drumming to 8-12 year olds in Crown Heights,

As a collaborator, Adam has worked with countless ensembles and renowned musicians, including Ensemble Signal, the National Arabic Orchestra, Farah Siraj, Andreas Arnold, The Hampton Brothers, Common Pulse, Jamey Haddad, Raquy Danzinger, Suzanne Sterling, Morley, Flames and Frequencies, Patriot Brass, Tom Rossi, The Asheville Percussion Festival Ensemble, Pallavi, The Gil Evan’s Centennial Project and with many other talented musicians and projects.

Check out Adam’s website at

2. Daniel Levin/Juan Pablo Carletti/Sam Kulik 

Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Time: 8:30 pm
Venue: Freddys Bar (627 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 718-768-0131)
Ticket: $10
Genre: jazz/improve

The “1 on 1” series invites a musician to select 1 other partner to perform with in a rare happenstance. This is an opportunity for those asked to go for playing with “‘that” musician in an improvised blitz, or present something more worked out in duo form. 

“1 on 1” presents:

Daniel Levin  / Juan Pablo Carletti Duo

Daniel Levin – cello

Juan Pablo Carletti – drums

Daniel Levin is “one of the outstanding cellists working in the vanguard arena” (All About Jazz), and “very much the man to watch.” (Penguin Guide to Jazz). No matter what setting he plays in, cellist Daniel Levin occupies a musical space bordered by many kinds of music, but fully defined by none of them.

Juan Pablo Carletti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He grew up in a musical environment in which his father played percussion, and was instantly drawn to the drums. As he performed with a variety of bands, he focused mainly on improvised music and playing mainstream jazz. He began working with his own projects, and created a small label dedicated to new music. In 2005, Juan traveled to New York City and played with the David Haney Group at Cornelia Street Cafe.

Sam Kulik moved to New York in 2004 and settled in the Astoria, Queens neighborhood. He plays improvised music and along the way has met many like-minded players through playing in the New York Soundpainting Orchestra and volunteers and generally hangs out at the Stone. Parallel to his activity as a serious improviser of music, he hooked up with several of the extremely talented rock musicians and songwriters that live in this city, and also found himself getting involved in playing music for theater and dance. He started touring a fair amount and meeting people all over the US and Europe.

3. Samarth Nagarkar

Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Time: 8pm
Venue: Sacred Arts Research Foundation (107 Green St #G55, Brooklyn, New York 11222)
Ticket: $35 to $180
Genre: vocal raga techniques workshop

Six Wednesday evenings: 1/28, 2/11, 3/4, 3/11, 3/25, 4/8

Learn vocal raga techniques with prolific Indian Classical vocalist Samarth Nagarkar. Each session will be a very intense hour and will include understanding of sargam (akin to the western solfege) system, vocal exercises, raga phrasing, Indian classical rhythmic concepts (tala cycles), compositions in the raga discussed and exploring raga phrases, fast moving note patterns (taans) and more!

Pricing: $180 for Full Series (6 classes) or $35 for Single Class

Register at

Samarth Nagarkar is acknowledged to be one of today’s foremost and prolific artistes representing Hindustani classical music traditions. He is known for his eclectic, captivating performances reflecting extensive training and an artistic vision encompassing tradition and modernity in a rare balance.

After years of rigorous training under the celebrated performer and guru, Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar, he graduated as a Grade-A scholar of the ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata in 2009. Prior to this, he trained under the eminent late Pt. Dinkar Kaikini in Mumbai, following an inspired early initiation into music by Smt. Aditi Kaikini Upadhya in his hometown Bangalore. By virtue of intense and extensive guru-shishya parampara training Samarth’s performance repertoire encompasses styles, ragas and compositions of three prominent gharanas – Gwalior, Agra and Jaipur.

Samarth performs regularly in most reputed concert platforms and venues in India and the USA, as well as frequently features in television and radio programs across the world. Some of his recent concerts in the US include the Ali Akbar College of Music and Basant Bahar, CA, Chhandayan All Night Concert, New York, Woodstock 2012, and Universities of Stanford, Indiana, Penn State and UPenn, to name only a few. In India he recently performed at several top ranking music festivals and venues including the ITC Sangeet Sammelan, Kolkata, Saptak and D. U. Yuva Sangeetotsav, Bangalore, The National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai and India Habitat Center, New Delhi, among others.

He is a recipient of prestigious national awards including the President’s award for the AIR competition in 2000, which also made him a graded artiste of the AIR. The Government of India awarded him a fellowship in 2009 for his research and documentation of the music of Gwalior gharana through the past century.

He has composed and continues to record music and soundtracks for international and cultural conventions and films. Samarth also authored his first book ‘Raag-Sageet’ published in 2013. He has two CDs/Albums titled ‘Pravah’ and ‘Pranali’ to his credit.

Former head of the K. K. Kapoor Sangeet Research Academy, Lucknow, Samarth has been conducting very successful and popular lecture demonstrations and music workshops across India and the USA. Samarth also spearheaded an Indian Music Choir.

Samarth currently divides him time between the US and India pursuing an active career as a leading performer, composer, teacher and author. Visit Samarth on the web at

4. Dana Leong’s TEKTONIK

Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Time: 8pm
Venue:  Art Cafe (884 Pacific Street, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY)
Ticket: $10
Genre: ambient/electronica

Brooklyn Raga Massive Presents Dana Leong’s TEKTONIK at Art Cafe and Bar
followed by BRM Weekly Raga Jam Session

Dana Leong – Cello, Vocals, Pedals, Whistling
Val-Inc – Electronic Percussion and Sound Effects
Neel Murgai – Sitar
Sameer Gupta – Tabla

Award-winning composer and cellist Dana Leong leads a quartet of cello, tabla, sitar, and electronics exploring the healing power of meditative sounds from different traditions joining forces in a union towards oneness with the earth. With Val-Inc on electronics, Neel Murgai on sitar and Sameer Gupta on tabla.

5. Terry Dame’s Weird Wednesday – Episode 20 – Weird All Stars

Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Barbes (376 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY)
Ticket: $10
Genre: weird duos, trios, four-os and five-os playing conducted improvised music on the most fantastic inventions

WEIRD WEDNESDAYS (on Thursdays). This month, for the start of season 3:, an ALL STAR BLOWOUT.
Featuring 10 + weirdos scattered around the room: Weird duos, trios, four-os and five-os playing conducted improvised music on the most fantastic inventions. With Ken Butler, Isaac Zal, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Phyllis Chen, Lee Free, Kelly Horrigan, Eric Farber, Katie Down, Daniel Jodocy, Merche Blasco and more.
Terry Dame presents an ongoing monthly music series dedicated to instrument inventors and players of found objects and other musical oddities. Dame is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and instrument builder and leader of the invented instrument ensemble Electric Junkyard Gamelan. Terry Dame’s WeirdWednesdays did start on a Wednesday, but to make it weirder, it will be now happen every last Thursday of the month…because Thursday is the weirdest Wednesday of all.


Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015
Time: 8pm
Venue: The Firehouse Space (246 Frost St., East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211)
Ticket: $10
Genre: improv/electronics/soundscapes

Sarah Bernstein – violin electronics
Alex Marcelo – piano electronics
Stuart Popejoy – bass electronics
Nick Podgurski – drums electronics

Dominika Michalowska – voice percussion synth
Kevin Shea – percussion
David Buddin – filters modulation composition

PROPOLIS – Incohering to the abnorm. Nick Podgurski drums electronics, Alex Marcelo piano electronics, Sarah Bernstein violin electronics, Stuart Popejoy bass electronics.

NEBADON – The members of Nebadon are Dominika Michalowska (voice and percussion, synthesizer), Kevin Shea (percussion) and David Buddin (filters and modulation). The music, by Buddin, is generated by the superimposition of several layers of sonic material with each layer moving at a different speed. It is typical of the temporal quality of our familiar universe where varied time structures are always going on at once.

7. Pitom & Abraxas

Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015
Time: 10pm
Venue: Nublu (62 Ave C, NY)
Ticket: $10
Genre: free style/free rock

Two heavy hitting Tzadik records mainstays hitting the stage together for a special evening of ROCK at NuBlu.

Abraxas. Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz steps out on his own to make one of the most primal and tribal installments in the Book of Angels series. Drawing on his Sephardic roots, Shanir plays gimbri throughout, giving the music a primeval Moroccan edge. Featuring the intense guitar pyrotechnics of Eyal Maoz and Aram Bajakian (who recently has been tearing it up in Lou Reed’s new band) and the atavistic drumming of Kenny Grohowski, this is Ritualistic Jewish Rock for the 21st century by a brilliant young lion from the East Village via Brooklyn/Israel!

Pitom was started by guitarist and composer Yoshie Fruchter in 2006. Wanting to achieve a raucous but melodic and tasteful vibe, he called his friends Shanir B and Kevin Zubek to be the rhythm section, and soon after met violinist Jeremy Brown, who became Yoshie’s undoubtedly brilliant, but also unbridled counterpart. After about 2 years of writing, gigging and rehearsing, the band was signed to John Zorn’s Tzadik records and released their debut, recorded at Bill Laswell’s Orange Music in NJ. Influenced by music and art of all kinds, the band releases uncharted energy in it’s music, with a keen sensitivity to melody and composition. The press has responded well to the music. The Wall Street Journal called the record “a dazzling debut” and the record also received acclaim from JazzTimes, Guitar Player, AllAboutJazz and many others. The band just released their second album on Tzadik, a sonic homage to the Day of Atonement called “Blasphemy and Other Serious Crimes.” They also recorded a version of the Hassidic song “Ki Anu Amekha” which includes vocals by the band, and released it with a video last year.

8. SalON!: The Hamster Wheel

Date: Friday, January 30, 2015
Time: 8pm – 11pm
Venue: The Silent Barn (603 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn, New York 11206). In the recording studio inside The Silent Barn.
Enter at 13 Stanwix

Ticket: $5
Genre: multi media?

A beautiful mingling, turning ideas into words and sounds and shapes — brought to you by Title:Point.

Aman Gill (Soil Microbes Researcher)
Caitlin Bebb (Performer)
Peter Mills Weiss (PMW)
Spencer C. Campbell (Writer/Ideas Man)
CJ Holm (Dancer)
David Pym (Film Artist)
Sarah Matusek (Performer)
Hannah Kallenbach (Facial Choreographer)
Dale Lee Buchheister (Chef)
Dave Kadden (Musician)

CATFOX (hi-lit nu-carny glam-camp)

Merriam-Webster definition of “salon”:
a fashionable assemblage of notables (as literary figures, artists, or statesmen) held by custom at the home of a prominent person.

9. The Afro Latin Jazz Alliance Presents: An Evening with Lionel Loueke

Date: Friday, January 30 and Saturday 31, 2015
Time: 8pm
Venue: Peter Norton/Symphony Space (2537 Broadway and 95th St., NY, 212-864-5400)
Tickets: $40/$30/$20
Genre: fusion of traditional West African music with modern jazz harmonies, unique vocal inflections, and complex time signatures

One of the New Year’s most-anticipated music collaborations, Arturo O’Farrill and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra team up with Benin-born artist Lionel Loueke to present big band arrangements of select works from the celebrated guitarist’s catalogue. Loueke has been widely praised for his fusion of traditional West African music with modern jazz harmonies, unique vocal inflections, and complex time signatures. Arturo O’Farrill notes, “Lionel is a tour de force. His performances are incredibly powerful and he plays the music of the cosmos. The sounds he gets from his guitar, how he sings, and what he does with his presentation, it’s not to be believed. We are extremely excited to be working with him.”

Lionel Loueke made his major-label debut in 2008 when Blue Note Records released his album Karibu, featuring guest appearances by Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter. This was followed in 2010 with,Mwaliko a collection of duo and trio performances with fellow Benin native Angelique Kidjo, Cameroonian bassist and singer Richard Bona, bassist Esperanza Spalding, and drummer Marcus Gilmore, doing a version of Shorter’s classic composition “Nefertiti.” Following his acceptance into the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz (University of Southern California; 2001-2003), Loueke has performed alongside a laundry list of today’s greatest jazz stars (i.e. Dianne Reeves, Cassandra Wilson, Kenny Garrett, Roy Hargrove, Sting, etc). His latest CD, Heritage was released in 2012 and was co-produced by Robert Glaspar. Lionel Loueke continues to tour and record with the Herbie Hancock Group.

A pre-performance moderated discussion will take place at Symphony Space on Friday, Jan. 30, 2015. The moderator will be noted composer, musician, producer and musicologist Ned Sublette.

10. InnoVe GNAWA

Date: Saturday, January 31, 2015
Time: 8pm – 10pm
Venue: Church Ave Yoga & Bodywork Center – CAYBC (338 E 5th St, Brooklyn, New York 11218)
Ticket: $20
Genre: Gnawa music/Morrocan trad music

Gnawa music is a rich repertoire of spiritual healing songs and rhythms. Its well preserved heritage combines ritual poetry with traditional music and dancing. Gnawa music is performed in a “Lila,” an entire night of celebration, dedicated to healing and trance guided by the Maalem and his group. Maalem Hassan Ben Jaafer, who is a one of a kind master, inherited Gnawa Music from his father Sidi Abdullah Ben Jaafer Sultan Gnawa, and will be playing alongside the young generation master Samir LanGus who learned Gnawa music in the streets of Agadir, Morocco.

>>> Space is limited. We highly recommend preregistering for this event by clicking the link below. <<<<
To purchase tickets click the link below and click ENROLLMENTS:

Concert review: InnoVe Gnawa Band & Faith at Mercury Lounge (NY)


11. Anna Webber Quartet/Thomas B. Trio  The Ras Trio

Date: Saturday, January 31, 2015
Time: 8pm
Venue: IBeam Brooklyn (168 7th St., Brooklyn, NY)
Ticket: $15
Genre: jazz/improv

Created by Cisco Bradley from Jazz Right Now, Three nights of Tenor Saxophonist lead bands. Check out Cisco’s Blog if you haven’t had a chance.

Anna Webber Quartet (8:00)
Anna Webber (ts, f)
Jonathan Goldberger (g)
Michael Bates (b)
Jeff Davis (d)

Thomas B. Trio (9:00)
Thomas B. (ts)
Max Johnson (b)
Willi K. (d)

Ras Moshe Trio (10:00)
Ras Moshe (ts)
Shayna Dulberger (b)
Andrew Drury (d)

12. Newborn

Date: Saturday, January 31, 2015
Time: 10:30pm
Venue: Mercury Lounge (217 East Houston St., New York, NY 10002)
Price: $10
Genre: hard alt/rock

Self-recording the EP at Grand Street Studios, the Coney-Island natives are forging a path for a new generation of rock lovers with a DIY attitude and mainstream accessibility.  Having performed at New York’s notable clubs, The Delancey, The Bitter End andSpike HillNewborn is set to gig throughout the winter in anticipation of the EP’s February 10 release.  This is only the start to Newborn’s upward trajectory and mission to bring back quality rock ‘n roll.

Listen to “Broken Virgo”

Listen to “Uma “Unsullied rock ‘ roll” (

Listen to “Pulse”

13. The Bone Chimes w. Jon Hugo & Elli Perry

Date: Saturday, January 31, 2015
Time: 9pm
Venue: Rough Trade NYC (64 N 9th St, Brooklyn, NY, 11249)
Tickets: $12
Genre: indie rock

The Bone Chimes is the dynamic New York indie rock project fronted by Tobi D’Amore (vocals/guitar), with close friends & integral members Sarah Hund (Violin/Backing vocals), Ben Dobay (Woodwinds), Tom Rizacassa (bass), and Vinny Bang (Drums). Their genre defying debut album, In the Muck, was released in 2013 and boasts influences ranging from classic acts like Buddy Holly & Stevie Wonder, to contemporary acts like Dave Matthews Band and Tom Waits. Having played to sold out audiences at some of NY’s most iconic venues such as Irving Plaza (opening for Dirty Pearls), Pianos, and Arlene’s Grocery – one thing is for certain – the Bone Chimes’ live show packs an undeniable punch. After witnessing a live performance from the five-piece it’s apparent that frontman Tobi D’Amore’s main mission is to make sure that every member of the audience is not only having a good time, but feels engaged with the music and its energy. Whether it’s encouraging a sing-along, or buying a round of shots for the crowd – D’Amore will stop at nothing to make sure his shows are memorable and all inclusive.

They recently released the second single High Line off their forthcoming EP, due out spring of 2015. The band has previously been featured by tastemakers The Huffington Post, The Big Takeover, and the Queens Tribune.