Recommended Concert: God’s Unruly Friends…who are they?

God's Unruly Friends posterDate: Monday, March 9, 2015
Time: 7pm
Venue: Theater for the New City / Cino Theater (155 1st Avenue, b/w 10th & 11th street, New York City 10003, 212-254-1109)
Ticket: $15
Genre: psychedelic-ambient jazz/electric sitar music/improv

God’s Unruly Friends! The new musical event led by master musician Dawoud!

God’s Unruly Friends picks up where Dawoud’s previous ensemble Renegade Sufi left off. Featuring Latif Kurfirst (percussion), Chenana Manno (singing bowls, bass, dance, vocals), and led by Dawoud (exotic string instruments, such as the sitar and dilruba, laptop, vocals), and special guest t.b.a.. They offer music improvised from elements from many musical genres, and translates non musical concepts into musical ideas.

Dawoud has found within the sitar, and the other instruments he plays a means of instilling an experience of the spiritual and a beauty beyond what we experience with our senses. His study of music such as Indian raga, jazz, Arabic Maqam, electronica, etc., with sitar, guitar, dilruba, etc., his experiments with electronics, and with all his musical endeavors, are a means to an end.

The element of improvisational theatrics is a part of the performance. No two concerts are exactly alike; and while a lot can (and does) happen on stage, even more is happening in the audience’s psyche.

God’s Unruly Friends are exploring the outer and inner realms with music! There are no limits here: this is World Music from Another World!


Quantum Hijra by Dawoud KringleSpeaking of Dawoud he’s not only a musician and music activist (supporter of the Enough Is Enough NY camapaign, but also an author. Recently he published his book Quantum Hijra (Leilah Publications).

QUANTUM HIJRA is an epic science fiction tale that is one of the most unique ever told by a storyteller. Russell Peterson thought he understood reality. His life and career were comfortable, and his destiny seemed clear. A chance meeting with a Sufi mystic musician named Hassan begins a domino effect that propels him into an adventure and spiritual initiation where he faces unpredictable dangers, unimaginable rewards, and a world where the lines between science and the mystical experience no longer exist. QUANTUM HIJRA is a tale of mind-bending political intrigue, Islamic theology, mysticism, musical theory, that conjoins science and mysticism.

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