Film Docu Feature: “WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE?” by Liz Garbus

Nina Simone film posterWed Jun 24 at 7:20 show: Q&A with director Liz Garbus!

Thu Jun 25 at 7:20 show: Q&A with producer Justin Wilkes and Ambassador Shabazz!

Classically trained pianist, jazz legend, Black Power icon: Nina Simone is one of the most influential, beloved and yet least understood artists of our time. Utterly free on stage, Simone struggled to reconcile artistic ambition with a fierce devotion to the Civil Rights movement. Given intimate access to her family, friends and archives, Garbus explores Simone’s personal, political and artistic battles to reveal a towering figure who transcended categorization and her era. Opening night: Sundance Film Festival.

NR, 101 Minutes