Music Listings – 6/29 through 7/5/2015

1. Metal Mountains / Jasmine Dreame Wagner / Charlie Rauh / Mia Theodoratus / Sun Riah

Date: Monday, June 29, 2015
Time: 8pm
Venue: Palisades (906 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York 112060
Ticket: $7
Genre: experimental/avant-pop

Metal Mountains (minimalist psych-folk)

Jasmine Dreame Wagner (singer-song writer)

Charlie Rauh (instrumental / folk / Americana)

Mia Theodoratus (harp music)

Sun Riah (experimental folk rock)

2. Baba Andrew Lamb Trio

Date: Monday, June 29, 2015
Time: 8pm
Venue: Quinn’s (330 Main Street, Beacon, New York 12508)
Tickets: donation
Genre: jazz

ANDREW LAMB (saxophones, flutes) was born in Clinton, North Carolina and grew up in Chicago and in South Jamaica, Queens. Having studied with AACM charter member Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre, Mr. Lamb came into New York’s “avant-garde” community in the ’70s, becoming an active presence in the vibrant Bedford-Stuyvesant arts world at that time, and winning a Brooklyn Arts Council grant.

Baba Andrew Lamb: tenor saxophone/flute/clarinet/conch shell
Tom Abbs: bass, tuba & didjeridoo
Warren Smith: drums & perucussion

3. Eyal Moaz’s Edom + Yuka Yamamoto’s Fugu Plan + Shanir Blumenkranz’ Abraxas playing John Zorn

Date: Monday, June 29, 2015
Time: 10pm – 1am
Venue: Nublu (62 Ave C, NY, NY 10009)
Ticket: $10
Genre: experimental, instrumental, pop, rock and avant-garde music




The newest sounds from NYC – 3 bands in one night., all bring you into the much-too-rarely visited junction of experimental, instrumental, pop, rock and avant-garde.

Featured musicians::
Eyal Maoz (Hypercolor, 9 Volt, John Zorn’s Cobra, Abraxas) – Guitar, compositions

Shanir Blumenkranz (Abraxas, Yemen Blues, Tzadik, John Zorn) – Bass

Yoshie Fruchterm- guitar (Pitom, Schizophonia, Zion80)

Yuka Yamamoto – vocal

Brian Marsella (Cyro Baptista) – synthesizers

Yonadav Halevi (The Apples, 9 Volt, Zion 80) – drums

Kenny Grohowski (John Zorn, Lonnie Plaxico, Abraxas: The Book of Angels Vol. 19)– Drums

4. Voice Coils & Nat Baldwin

Date: Monday, June 29, 2015
Time:  7pm
Venue: The Roulette (509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217)
Ticket: $15
Genre: contemporary classical and experimental music, and idioms of folk, rock, and metal

Voice Coils celebrates the release of their EP 12″, Heaven’s Sense, on Shatter Your Leaves in a program which explores and reimagines their work past and present, joined by Nat Baldwin of Dirty Projectors.

Founded on the traditions of contemporary classical and experimental music, and idioms of folk, rock, and metal, Voice Coils is a Brooklyn, NY ensemble known for their “ecstatic and lush” (Noisey) musical language. Led by composer and guitarist Sam Garrett alongside guitarist/producer Caley Monahon­-Ward, keyboardist Kelly Moran, bassist Kevin Wunderlich, and drummer Cameron Wisch, Voice Coils released their In Sixths/Field and Border 7” (SYLR015) in September of 2014.

After studying avant-garde jazz and improvisation with jazz legend Anthony Braxton, Nat Baldwin started writing songs featuring double bass and vocals. In 2005 he joined Dirty Projectors. In addition to his work with Dirty Projectors, he has performed on Grizzly Bear’s Sheilds, Vampire Weekend’s Contra, and Department of Eagles’ In Ear Park. In between touring and recording with Dirty Projectors, Nat made time to record his 2011 album People Changes, an album that led Pitchfork to say “…whether Baldwin is singing with his throat or his bow, there’s a thrilling felling of freedom to it all.”

5.  JOBS record release show with Child Abuse / Tiny Hazard / DJ Leverage Models

Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2014
Time: 8pm
Venue: Baby’s All Right (146 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York 11211)
Tickets: $8 – $10
Genre: experimental rock

JOBS “killer BOB sings” record release show featuring:

CHILD ABUSE  (experimental/grindcore/fusion)

JOBS (alternative-experimental rock)

Tiny Hazard (experimental schizopop)

DJ Leverage Models

6. Jerome Cooper Memorial

Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2014
Time:  7pm
Venue: The Roulette (509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217)
Ticket: t.b.a.
Genre: jazz/improv/free jazz

Jerome Cooper 1946 – 2015

Please join us for a musical celebration of the life and artistry of this beloved musician and composer. Musical tributes by: Thurman Barker, Tom Buckner, Cooper-Moore, OGJB Quartet (Oliver Lake, Graham Haynes, Joe Fonda, Barry Altschul) Charles Gayle, William Hooker, Reggie Nicholson, William Parker, Adam Rudolph and others.

Roulette TV: JEROME COOPER from Roulette Intermedium on Vimeo.

7. Dervisi

Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Time: 9pm
Venue: TROOST (1011 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11222)
Ticket: donation
Genre: Greek Blues/Rembetika music

DERVISI performing exotic Greek Gangsta Blues called Rembetika. Rembetika originally the songs of hashish clans and outlaws; and Smyrnaika, the elaborate oriental cafe music of the refugees from Greek Asia minor.

CHECK them out on SoundCloud:

Interview: George Barba Yiorgi and Dervisi…Greek Gangsta Blues and PunkRembetika

8. Sujay Dighe/Ricky Mathew/Shakir A. Khan

Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Venue: Rubin Museum (150 W. 17 St., NY, NY 10011,  212-620-5000)
Ticket: $25

Sujay Dighe grew up amongst a family of musicians in Maryland and had a unique passion for music at a very young age. His first guru was Sundesh Sreenivas and after 3 years, Sujay later began lessons with his father, Shri Kishore Dighe. Under Kishoreji’s and Sundesh’s guidance, Sujay has become a highly respectable tabla player at only 20 years old.

Ricky Mathew developed an interest to learning tabla at a very young age. He was trained initially by Kishore Dighe who is a well-known tabla player and teacher in the Washington Metropolitan area and then followed in the footsteps of his current young and talented teacher, Sujay Dighe. Ricky has accompanied artists who play both classical and fusion music and has performed in India and New York.

Shakir A. Khan was born in India into the Kalavant Gharana clan. For generations his ancestors were musicians for the rulers of India. He started his musical training in his family at the age of 6. Growing up in a family that was predominantly tabla players he developed a stunning sense of tempo and rhythm. His style is a terrific dance of these rhythms, and the softness and the clearness of his tones brings out a unique energy in the sitar.

Shakir came to the United States as a young boy and started to intersperse his music with western music. He has done many intercultural concerts all over the United States and India. As a child, Shakir received intense musical training from his father, Ayub Khan. He then started his sitar training under the tutelage of Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan and continued to study the Pandit Nikhil Banerjee style and Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer style known as Jaffer Khani Baaj.

9. Brooklyn Raga Massive Presents Eric Fraser

Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Time: 8pm to 11pm
Venue: Bluebird (504 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225)
Tickets: $10
Genre: Indian Classical music/bansuri music

Eric Fraser has performed with renowned maestros of Indian music including Pandit Krishna Bhatt, Pandit Ramesh Mishra, Steve Gorn and Bollywood composer A.R Rahman at Carnegie Hall, including radio performances (NPR morning edition and WKCR New York).  He has a diverse background playing for Indian classical dance, as well as in projects ranging from Jazz, World, India and more.  A founding member of the Brooklyn Raga Massive, Eric’s involvement in the musical community is far reaching.  Aside from playing Indian classical flute, Eric is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music therapist (MA, MT-BC).

Eric Fraser has released three albums in the Indian music genre since 2013.  Listen to and download his music at

10. Causings/AnastasiaClarke-SandyGordon/ColinFisher-MikePride-CarlTesta

Date: Thursday, July 2, 2015
Time: 9pm
Venue: Manhattan Inn (632 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 1122)
Ticket: t.b.a.
Genre: experimental music/improv

Colin Fisher – Mike Pride – Carl Testa

Colin Fisher (Toronto)

Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Colin Fisher is an active voice in the Improvised, Rock, Folk, Experimental and Creative Music Community in North America. He has been most active with Not the Wind Not the Flag, Bernice, Many Arms, I Have Eaten The City, Body Help, and his solo project Elfin Choirs. Colin has appeared and collaborated with: Anthony Braxton, Caribou, Jah Youssouf, Rhys Chattam, William Parker, Dominic Duval, Sabir Mateen, Joe Mcphee, Marshall Allen, Maury Coles, David Daniels, Paul Hession, and many others.

“Fisher’s approach to the tenor saxophone is highly harmolodic, creating fleeting tapestries of sound that run the whole scale of the instrument’s capabilities and layering shimmering building blocks of melody. Despite the intensity of his flights, there is a resolute warmness to Fisher’s tone and pitch-perfect precision to his placing of notes that speaks to a mastery of his instrument, but it’s one he’s willing to recklessly abandon in bursts of perfectly timed fire-breathing fury.” — Tombed Vision Records

Carl Testa

Carl Testa is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who has been called “a phenomenal upright bass player and composer” (Scott Schulz, Words on Sounds). He is most notable for his numerous performances with Anthony Braxton whom he has performed with throughout the US and internationally. Testa’s most recent album of music for solo bass and electronics, “Iris” (Lockstep Records, 2013) was called “warm and engaging-highly recommended” by Time Out New York. He is a board member of the Tri-Centric Foundation and organizes The Uncertainty Music Series in New Haven, CT where he lives with his wife, the vocalist Anne Rhodes and son, Florian.

Mike Pride

Born and raised in Southern Maine, but based out of New York City since 2000, Mike Pride currently leads From Bacteria To Boys, and the 7-drummer installation-band Drummer’s Corpse. Both record for AUM Fidelity. Pride is renowned for his ability to excel in a wide range of genres and ensembles. He has worked with everyone from improvised music icon Anthony Braxton to punk legends Millions Of Dead Cops, toured extensively on four continents and appeared on more than 85 recordings.

Anastasia Clarke / Colin Fisher / Sandy Gordon
From 2012-14, Sandy Gordon and Anastasia Clarke stretched wavering collages into smeared song forms under Anastasia’s songwriting vehicle, Silent Isle. The duo’s recent collaborations continue their commitment to deep listening and improvisation, swapping Sandy’s drums for a rotating assemblage of small percussion, homemade field recordings, electronics, and found objects; and trading Anastasia’s guitar loops for samplers and various sound-making devices. Their forthcoming cassette as Silent Isle, RES/URU/SER, will be released by ((Cave)) Recordings in July.

Causings (Derek Baron, Adam Gundersheimer, KT Pipal)

Causings is a collective group with fluid membership and instrumentation. It formed in 2011 and is celebrating its fifth release, Kissing.

11.  AFROPUNK presents The Triptych: Wangechi Mutu and featuring Vintage Trouble, LION BABE, and The Skins

Date: Friday, July 3, 2015
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Damrosch Park @ Lincoln Center (165 W 65th St, New York, New York 10023)
Ticket: free
Genre: singer-song writer/ modern soul, rock, and R&B

Live-wired Vintage Trouble shoots straight from the hip and blows apart modern soul, rock, and R&B. Yahoo Music says, “Imagine James Brown singing lead for Led Zeppelin, and you’ll get an idea of Vintage Trouble’s muscular in-the-pocket sound.”

LION BABE singer-songwriter and performance artist Jillian Hervey and instrumentalist and producer Lucas Goodman—draws on an eclectic mix of influences for their sonic and stunning visuals, which mirror the rich melting pot of New York cultures. Citing A Tribe Called Quest and Sergeant Pepper–era Beatles as early influences, the duo identifies with a generation brought up on the internet, with references from film and music of all genres and eras just a click away.

The Skins are an infectious Brooklyn-based band whose ages range from 15-21. They play like old pros, offering a soulful interpretation of rock that today’s audiences crave, while proving age doesn’t matter.

The Triptych, a documentary series highlighting outspoken visual artists of our time, profiles the culturally resonant voice of Kenyan-born sculptor and artist Wangechi Mutu. Based in Brooklyn, Mutu’s acclaimed Afrofuturist works explore feminism, globalization, and the post-imperialist age.


Date: Friday, July 3, 2015
Time: 9pm
Venue: Rockwood Music Hall (196 Allen St, New York, New York 10002)
Ticket: donation
Genre: electronics/avant-pop/noise

Hildegard is a venturous collaboration between two of the leading voices on the New Orleans progressive music scene, vocalist Sasha Masakowski and guitarist Cliff Hines. Together the two have created genre-defying original music that seamlessly fuses progressive-rock and art-pop with contemporary jazz. Compositions are dynamic and compelling, Sasha’s airy vocals singing catchy melodies with bold lyrics over a bed of lush harmonic and rhythmic structures while Cliff creates wild guitar soundscapes. They will be joined by G Maxwell Zemanovic on drums and special guest Jordan Scannella on bass.

Cliff Hines – guitar / ableton / vocals
Sasha Masakowski – vocals / synth
G Maxwell Zemanovic – drums

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13. Faun Fables / Barbez  and Rebecca Moore  

Date: Friday, July 3, 2015
Time: 7pm
Venue: Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012, Phone: 212- 505-3474)
Ticket: $15
Genre: ancient ballad/art song/cabaret/singer-song writer

FAUN FABLES is a crossroads where ancient ballad, art song, physical theater and rock music meet. The lyrics speak to people of all ages about things like rugged housekeeping, street kids, growing old, sleepwalking and exiled travelers returning home.

FAUN FABLES has been attracting a devoted and eclectic following since 1997 with numerous performances throughout North America, Europe, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland and six record releases distributed worldwide on Drag City Records: EARLY SONG (1999), MOTHER TWILIGHT (2001), FAMILY ALBUM (2004), THE TRANSIT RIDER (2006), A TABLE FORGOTTEN (2008) and LIGHT OF A VASTER DARK (2010).

DAWN McCARTHY was raised in Spokane, WA by two piano players from Chicago and grew up making sounds and dances with a big family.
Her primary education and inspiration have come from all kinds of unorthodox and self-taught means. At home, her parents played romantic, impressionistic and folkloric melodies via Bartok and Debussy, while older siblings helped develop her taste for rock and experimental music. In New York City, Dawn studied at the School Of Visual Arts and New School for Social Research and cut her teeth as a performer with several adventurous theatrical and musical groups.

A solo & musical exploration through Europe plus a fateful meeting with Oakland based entertainer NILS FRYKDAHL began a creative chapter in 1997 that eventually relocated her to the thriving arts community of the Bay Area, California in 1998; where she returned to in 2011 after a stint in the countryside that brought forth two girl children; EDDA and URA.

Currently, she is primarily a storyteller, housekeeper and mama witch.

Barbez; gorgeous old-world cabaret collides with modernity in this unique Brooklyn-based ensemble, which wrings elements of European folksong, post-war classical, and experimental rock into an otherworldly soundscape. For this performance the group will be playing new works along with pieces from their last record, Bella Ciao (Tzadik), which was inspired by ancient Roman-Jewish melodies and the Italian Resistance during the Second World War. With: Dan Kaufman, guitar; Danny Tunick, vibes, marimba; Peter Hess, clarinet and bass clarinet, Catherine McRae, violin; Peter Lettre, bass; John Bollinger, drums.

The singer, songwriter and violinist Rebecca Moore left the NYC music scene some seven years ago to work in the trenches of the animal rescue community where she has been advocating for and assisting formerly abused farm animals in upstate New York and beyond. She is thrilled to be rejoining her musical human family for this special show, her first performance in many years. With: John Frazier (guitar), Pinky Weitzman (violin), Ursula Wiskoski (cello), Dan Kaufman (guitar), Danny Tunick (bass), and Christy Davis (drums).

14.  Innove Gnawa Band

Date: Saturday, July 4, 2015
Time: 10pm-12pm
Venue: Silvana (300 W 116th Street, between Manhattan Ave & 8th Ave, New York, NY 10026)
Ticket: $10
Genre: Gnawa music (Morocco)

Gnawa music is a rich repertoire of spiritual healing songs and rhythms. Its well preserved heritage combines ritual poetry with traditional music and dancing. Gnawa music is performed in a “Lila,” an entire night of celebration, dedicated to healing and trance guided by the Maalem and his group. Maalem Hassan Ben Jaafer, who is a one of a kind master, inherited Gnawa Music from his father Sidi Abdullah Ben Jaafer Sultan Gnawa, and will be playing alongside the young generation master Samir LanGus who learned Gnawa music in the streets of Agadir, Morocco.

Concert review: InnoVe Gnawa Band & Faith at Mercury Lounge (NY)

15. Vision Films: Anthology Film Archives (Music Film Documentaries)

Date: Sunday, July 5, 2015
Time: 7pm
Venue: Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Ave (@2nd Street), New York, New York 10003)
Ticket: $10
Genre: film docus

Feartured films:
7:00pm: Billy Bang Lucky Man (by Markus Hansen & Jean-Marie Boulet)
9:15pm: William Parker and Hamid Drake: A Plug-In To Nature (Michael Lucio Sternbach) / Visions: (Susan Littenberg)

Billy Bang Lucky Man (aka “Redemption Song”) by Markus Hansen & Jean-Marie Boulet

In March 1967 Billy Bang was conscripted to fight one year in the jungles of Vietnam, an experience that left him emotionally desolate and profoundly confused about his American identity. Upon his return he tried to forget his nightmares through alcohol, drugs and music. Forty years later he decides that the only way he will be able to repair his emotions and find some closure to his trauma is to return to Vietnam, this time with his violin. “Lucky Man” documents Billy Bang’s brave return to the battlefields of his past, fraught with memories and flashbacks, in stark contrast to the ebullient youthful Vietnam of today. He encounters a people and a culture that he had never known. His journey takes him through the rich musical traditions of Vietnam, from Saigon and the Mekong Delta, north across the 17th parallel. The climax of the film is his collaboration with the Hanoi symphony orchestra. “Lucky Man” expresses Billy Bang’s desire to overcome and transcend the trauma of war through music and art.

William Parker and Hamid Drake: A Plug-In To Nature by Michael Lucio Sternbach

A rare glimpse into the musical brotherhood of bassist William Parker and drummer Hamid Drake. Known worldwide as one of the premier rhythm sections of the idiom, the two discuss their musical kinship and the shamanistic sound ceremonies they deploy worldwide. Featuring exclusive live performances from Parker’s 2013 Stone residency and the 2014 Vision Festival.

Visions by Susan Littenberg

Recorded during the 2nd Annual Vision Festival held in the Lower East Side of New York City 27th May-1st June 1997, VISIONS contains powerful and rare performances by artists who have mastered their disciplines over the past 25-30 years, but had largely been ignored by the mainstream. Featuring performances and interviews with William Parker, David S. Ware, Matthew Shipp, Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Cooper-Moore, Amiri Baraka, Patricia Nicholson, Assif Tsahar, John Tchicai, and more.