Music Listings – 7/20 through 7/26/2015

1.The Undermine Trio

Date: Monday, July 20, 2015
Time: 8pm
Venue:  JACK (505 ½ Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238 Between Fulton – Atlantic in Clinton Hill, C or G train to Clinton-Washington)
Tickets: t.b.a.
Genre: improv/jazz/noise

The Undermine Trio is Chris Pitsiokos (sax), Brandon Lopez (bass) and Tyshawn Sorey (drums) presenting their scrappy, high-energy free jazz.

Each musician is going to open with a short solo set. Tyshawn Sorey will play solo trombone but then play drums in the trio.

2. Udo Moll / PBK / Hot Date / Red Triangle

Date: Monday, July 20, 2015
Time: 9pm
Venue: The Silent Barn (603 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn, New York 11206)
Ticket: $7
Genre: free jazz/imporv

8:30-9:10 Red Triangle Nonoko Yoshida / Chuck Bettis / James Ilgenfritz)
9:20-10:00 Hot Date (Chris Welcome / Shayna Dulberger)
10:10-10:50 PBK Zachary Pruitt / Dean Buck / Alex Kirkpatrick)
11:00-11:40 Udo Moll: ‘ENIAC Girls’ w/ Robbie Lee & James Ilgenfritz

3. “The Little Mushroom” Performance

Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Time: 6pm – 6:45pm
Venue:  JACK (505 ½ Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238 Between Fulton – Atlantic in Clinton Hill, C or G train to Clinton-Washington)
Tickets: $10

The Little Mushroom is a story written by John Reed with music composed by Raul Rothblatt

This is a one-time opportunity to see a performance of this piece.

Lori Parquet, storyteller
Danny Tunick, Javanese gender (a gamelan instrument)
Avram Fefer, Saxophone
Raul Rothblatt, cello

Set by Guy Richards Smit


Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: 647 Columbus Ave near W 92nd st (Goddard Riverside)
Ticket: donation
Genre: a fusion of Afro-American/Carebbean/Juba muscic

DAVID PLEASANT is a multi-faceted percussion virtuoso, story teller and lecturer who specializes in Afro-American music traditions. He grew up in the “Gullah culture,” especially juba, hand jive, pattin, rhappin’ and shout using all kinds of percussion instruemts. He’s joined by Miles Griffith (beatbox) and Nick Russo (guitar).

5.  Dawoud w. Jimmy Lopez

Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Time: 8pm
Venue: Silvana (300 W 116th Street, between Manhattan Ave & 8th Ave, New York, NY 10026)
Ticket: $10
Genre: jazz/blues/Indian raga/psychedelic

Dawoud began to play the guitar about half a year or so after Jimi Hendrix died. Shortly afterwards he expanded his listening tastes into jazz, fusion, classical, blues, and Indian raga. His teens were spent honing his guitar skills. On his 18th birthday, he bought his sitar and began teaching himself the rudiments of the instrument from books and recordings. Between 1979-83. Dawoud toured the Midwest US with Focal Poynt as multi-instrumentalist, composer. He also began teaching guitar and learning audio engineering. In 1983, he moved to New York City, and did work as a musician and musical director locally and toured with a number of local rock groups.

Tonight he’s joined by percussionist Jimmy Lopez.  They will do classic Renegade Sufi themes, as well as other exotic and beautiful pieces.

6. Marilyn Carino with band

Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Time: 9pm
Venue: Nublu (62 Ave C, NY, NY 10009)
Ticket: $10
Genre: Torchy existential Electro Soul

Marilyn Carino gained notoriety as the singing and songwriting half of Mudville. Her contributions to Mudville’s three critically-acclaimed albums were lauded as “Nina Simone coming back from the dead to front Morcheeba” – her unique, moving voice hailed as “smoldering”, “enchanting” and “otherworldly”.

Her song “Wicked” won a 2008 Independent Music Award for best song. Marilyn’s songs have also been featured in the SyFy series “Regnesis” and in the feature films “Slutty Summer”, “Going Down in LaLa Land”, and the upcoming “Fanpires in Venice”.

Written, performed, recorded and produced by Marilyn alone, the first product of her solo incarnation is Marilyn Carino – Little Genius. The second, Leaves, Sadness, Science released in a February, 2015 release.

7. The Muscle Shoals All-Stars

Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Time: 9pm
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Damrosch Park @ Lincoln Center (165 W 65th St, New York, New York 10023)
Ticket: free
Genre: pop music

The Muscle Shoals All-StarsJimmy Johnson and David Hood of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section (also known as the Swampers), the Muscle Shoals Horns, and a host of others—are the architects of some of the most iconic music this country has ever produced. Backing artists like Aretha Franklin, the Rolling Stones, the Staple Singers, Paul Simon, Jimmy Cliff, and Percy Sledge, and “creating licks and riffs that take no more than five notes to name” (, this rhythm section developed a distinct Muscle Shoals sound. Making a rare trip together outside the studio, the Muscle Shoals All-Stars will perform the songs that helped propel them deep into the canon of American popular music.
Special guests of this performance include Patterson Hood, Bettye LaVette, Sam Moore, and Dan Penn!

Opening the evening will be lauded Alabama songwriter and session man Donnie Fritts alongside John Paul White, formerly of the Grammy-winning duo the Civil Wars, performing songs from their forthcoming Single Lock Records release.

8. Brooklyn Raga Massive Presents Baiju Bhatt and Special Guests

Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Time: 8pm to 11pm
Venue: Bluebird (504 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225)
Tickets: $10
Genre: Indian violin jazz

Baiju Bhatt (violin) and special guests.

jazz violinist Baiju Bhatt visits BRM all the way from Paris! Baiju performs music drawing from his eclectic musical influences, including from his renown father, sitarist Krishna Bhatt! Krishna ji will be sitting in with the band for a song as well!

9. The Velocity Duo/Paula Shocron Projecto IMUDA

Date: Thursday, July 23, 2015
Time: 7pm
Venue: ShapeShifter Lab (18 Whitwell Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11215, 646-820-9452)
Ticket: $10
Genre: jazz

7pmThe Velocity Duo

While the expansive duet draws comparison to the voice/bass recordings of Sheila Jordan, the Velocity Duo is of the ‘downtown’ sound; this musical vision draws from a wealth of inspiration. Lauren Lee‘s voice holds a uniquely commanding tone; her style has been referred to as “vocal instrumentalism” due to the utter lack of lyrics in this setting. Also an artful pianist, Lee is guided as a singer by Nina Simone’s example as well as that of Eric Dolphy. She has performed 12-tone concerts, cabaret and classical engagements, and leads her ow
n Space Jazz Trio. Lee holds a master’s in music from NYU where she studied voice, composition and improvisation.

Charley Sabatino’s background is also widespread, ranging from accompanying Ben Vereen, performing contemporary concert music, cabaret, popular styles, straight-ahead and free jazz. He is an endorsed artists from several musical instrument companies, and teaches a successful jazz workshop in Queens NY. Sabatino holds an MA in music from Long Island University/CW Post. Sabatino’s approach to the upright bass reclaims the instrument’s natural acoustics: a dark, woody sound threaded through his tone, producing an almost harp-like timber. Sabatino’s bass is rhythmic, distinctly linear, swinging and with a yearning melodic response to Lee’s call.

The Velocity Duo, this ongoing conversation of new sounds, revitalizes the voice/bass partnership.

Purchase “Dichoromies” On iTunes:

8:15pm – Paula Shocron Projecto IMUDA

Proyecto IMUDA is an initiative from pianist Paula Shocron arisen in 2012 from the need to investigate the relationship between music and other artistic disciplines. The purpose was to find common codes and interact in spontaneous situations. The most important element in the performances has always been the improvisation.
This time the project looks for expand the Argentine artists’ horizons grouped in this research and generate a dialogue with other artists in different cities.
Therefore, this time not only the fusion of different arts is proposed, but also of different cultures. With Ras Moshe, reeds; Kyoko Kitamura, voice; Pablo Diaz, drums.

10. Trauma Salon : gravity & the grotesque

Date: Thursday, July 23, 2015
Time: 8pm
Venue: Panoply Performance Laboratory (104 Meserole Street, Brooklyn, New York 11206)
Ticket: $5 – $15
Genre: audience participation/sound scapes/electronics/experimental

The voice soothes; the body shudders. breathe in heat; heated breasts. we search our skin for unchanging signs. we seek to solidify this search through speech.
Hige sceal þe heardra, heorte þe cenre, mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen lytlaþ
(Mind must be the firmer, heart the bolder, spirit must be the greater, as our strength diminishes.) In such a way, we endlessly compose.

installment 5:

Hey Exit will be performing as a duo, playing arrangements of recent material that aims for an ambiguous middleground between loud and quiet, dense and sparse, bleak and optimistic – seeking not so much to oscillate between extremes as to find a space where they can coexist and influence each other.

Naked Roots Conducive seeks to provide education and cultivate awareness concerning mental illness, addiction, and trauma. Our music is about surviving devastation through the beauty of creation. We feel that in confronting personal difficulties head on and shaping them into music and art we find a means of addressing the reality of our condition. We seek to create work that reveals the experience, struggles, consequences, and revelations of depression, bipolarity, and addiction. In striving towards clarity and transparency we discover a channel for personal and interpersonal healing and tools for breaking down social stigma surrounding these diseases. We want to help others recover and find a way of living that is rooted in hope and creativity.
We will present a piece not unlike this mission and the darkness underscoring said emergence.

Meaner Pencil :

Courtney Lee Novak
Trauma is the where the innocent + open meets the twisted self destructive institutions of this world. The overlap between the godhead and the absurd self-hating conditioning. Being cut off from one’s true nature causes trauma/is trauma. Can we embrace it? Go through it? Transform/re-frame it? Can we be rid of it? Is it the inherent nature of modern life to cause trauma or is that a product of the modern mind? We must dance, is all I know.

video by Becca Epstein

An Open Discussion to Follow

11. The Eco-Music Big Band

Date: Friday, July 24, 2015
Times: 9pm & 11pm
Venue: Zinc Bar (82 West 3rd Street (between Thompson and Sullivan Streets)
Ticket: $20
Genre: eclectic big band music/jazz

The Eco-Music Big Band is proud to present an evening of eclectic big band works ranging from the 1970s to today. Hailed as “…music and activism at its finest” (DooBeeDooBeeDoo), the Eco-Music Big Band regularly commissions works by younger and emerging composers, and performs music with a vision for a better world. Fusing classic works of virtuosic, radical, and Latin jazz with the freshest voices in big band composition, the Eco-Music Big Band performs works by the late Chinese-American composer and baritone saxophone virtuoso Fred Ho, composer and activist Cal Massey, and new works by up-and-coming New York jazz composers Livio Almeida, Marie Incontrera, Albert Marques, Jonathan Saraga and Stefan Zeniuk. Featuring flautist Yael Acher “Kat” Modiano. A diverse, multi-generational group of international musicians, the Eco-Music Big Band includes some of the nation’s most acclaimed jazz musicians (Jay Rodriguez, David Taylor, Zack and Adam O’Farrill) and is led by Marie Incontrera.

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12. Yacouba Sissoko and Jay Gandhi

Date: Friday, July 24, 2015
Times: 5:30pm – 7pm
Venue: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (E 82nd St at 5th Ave, New York, New York 10028)
Ticket: t.b.a.
Genre: West African -Indian music.

Yacouba Sissoko the great Kora player from Mali will perform the amazing bansuri player Jay Gandhi presenting West African – Indian music.


Date: Saturday, July 25, 2015
Times: 12pm – 6pm
Venue: Riverfront Park (Red Flynn Dr, Beacon, New York 12508)
Ticket: buy here at
Genre: jazz

Inaugural Beacon Jazz Festival, Excellent Jazz Music accompanied with free Hudson Valley Distillery tastings all day. Get your tickets today at

Lineups include:

Sun of Goldfinger — Bracingly original modern jazz featuring three celebrated, cutting-edge masters: alto saxophonist Tim Berne, guitarist (and HV resident) David Torn and drummer Ches Smith;

Karl Berger/Ingrid Sertso Quintet — Vibraphonist Berger and vocalist Sertso — co-founders with Ornette Coleman of the legendary Woodstock school and multi-cultural laboratory Creative Music Studio — lead this quintet featuring guitarist Kenny Wessel, bassist Ken Filiano and percussionist Warren Smith;

George Coleman Jr and The Rivington Project — Virtuoso drummer George Coleman, Jr. ups the game for the 21st century organ trio in this band of cookers featuring saxophonist Mike DiRubbo and organist Brian Charette;

International Brass & Membrane Corps — The 100-years-young music of King Oliver and other masters of early jazz get an invigorating update by leader and lifelong HV resident, trumpeter Ted Daniel, joined by Charles Burnham on violin, Joseph Daley on tuba and Newman Taylor Baker on drums and percussion;

Mike Dopazo & The HV All-Stars — The superb local saxophonist Dopazo headlines this roster of powerhouse HV-based players, each a major bandleader in his own right, in a group joined by trombonist Joe Fiedler, saxophonist Eric Person, saxophonist Josh Rutner, bassist Robert Kopec and drums TBA.


Date: Saturday, July 25, 2015
Time: 8pm
Venue: Barbes (376 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY)
Ticket: $10
Genre: Afrodelic roots trance music (from Zimbabwe and Mozambique)

BANNING EYRE & TIMBILA. Banning Eyre celebrates the release of his long awaited book: Lion Songs: Thomas Mapfumo and the Music That Made Zimbabwe. Author and guitarist Banning Eyre has spent over 20 years exploring music and history in Zimbabwe. The country’s greatest singer/bandleader, Thomas Mapfumo, began his epic career in the early 1970s. Now in exile, Mapfumo is both a brilliant musical innovator, a reviver and re-inventor of ancient traditions, and a persistent gadfly in the affairs of corrupt politicians, whether in white ruled Rhodesia or black ruled Zimbabwe. Mapfumo’s dramatic story, never before told in such detail, stands beside those of Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and Fela Kuti.
Eyre will read from his book accompanied by images, music and video from his deep archive and will follow up with a performance by Timbila, the Afrodelic roots trance band Banning plays guitar in – refracted, re-engineered, re-imagined take on traditional music from Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

15. Yassin Algerero Arabic Music Experience

Date: Saturday, July 25, 2015
Time: 9pm
Venue: Tagine Fine Moroccan Cuisine (221 W 38th St, New York, New York 10018)
Ticket: $15
Genre: Algerian pop and traditional music

Yassin Algero was born in Algeria in the city of Setif. Before he entered into the music world he was just a normal student studying economics and finance.

He began by playing percussion instruments with his friends at school and soon progressed to the keyboard and guitar. Soon his love for singing began to emerge, but he had to overcome shyness. Yassin started to borrow keyboards and other musical instruments from each of his friends in order to practice because he could not afford to purchase them at that time. Playing and mastering keyboard soon became his daily obsession.

Yassin began to collaborate with other singers and music producers and joined a larger band located in the capital of Algeria.
His star was on the rise, and he started touring in Tunisia, and then Egypt where he found increasing popularity. But his dreams didn’t stop there. In 2005, he was chosen by a music producer to tour in the United States. He performed his first American concert in Detroit, opening for the famous Tunisian singer, Saber Elrobai. He fell in love with America, moved to New York City, and began writing new music.

16. Cinema Cinema + Matt Darriau trio w. friends

Date: Saturday, July 25, 2015
Time: 8pm
Venue: Freddys Bar (627 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 718-768-0131)
Ticket: $10
Genre: folk/jazz/improv/indie rock

8pm – Van Lente: fashion model and folk singer, Van Lente, shines beauty to any artistic medium she finds herself working with. Her angelic vocals fill the space left behind by her rudimentary string playing, be it banjo or guitar. A new style of divinely feminine folk.

9pm Rosko Green​: If Mac Demarco hopped in a time machine back to a live Hendrix recording session, introducing our favorite psychedelic rockers to the weight of 21st century problems, it probably would have sounded a lot like this. Connecticut-based Rosko Green blends together Strokes-like guitar parts, Bowie-esque dance grooves, and a liberal sprinkling of Hendrix-era guitar solos.

11pm Band of Others: A power trio that mixes surf, punk and alt-country influences in their original songs and carefully curated covers.

12am CCMD: Cinema Cinema side project. Free-jazz improv.
Horn player Matt Darriua from the Klezmatics & Paradox Trio.

17. Bassoon, Bi Tyrant, MicroTitans, Data Nerds

Date: Sunday, July 26, 2015
Time: 8pm
Venue: The Grand Victory (245 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY)
Ticket: $10
Genre: rock/metal/alternative

Line up:

BI TYRANT   (alternative metal)
Bassoon  (Metal Sludge Fusion Butt Rock)
Micro Titans  (alternative)