Cooplog #14 by Constance Cooper

Photo courtesy of Constance Cooper

Photo courtesy of Constance Cooper

July brought another improvisation experience.

The photographer and videographer Carlos Jiménez Cahua–who began his undergrad years at Princeton just as I finished my PhD there in composition!–had me listen to Swedish, a language I don’t know, for an hour. Then I “talked” in that “language”, that is, I made up a “monologue”, and delivered it in faked Swedish. Wonderful: I was free to chat, get dubious, get assertive, murmur, shout, laugh, with no need of language to argue my case.

The link:

Here is a new duo track with me on keyboards and CASE on bass. Some post-processing makes it sound more jangly and raw:

About Constance Cooper

She is a keyboards/vocals improviser and actress/performance artist. commenting more or less regularly on improvisation. She will next be seen as Emily Brent in the Heights Players production of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” (New York, Sept. 11-27). Constance has a PhD in composition from Princeton University.

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