China Music Radar Highlight The Year In Music In China 2015




This very interesting post was pitched from our friends from Hong Kong: Metal Postcard Records

Three Trends They Say…

I. Draconian oversight permeated the music business

What happened: Alternative music became political without any politics.

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II. The Rise of the Labels

There were the big ones: Douban’s D-Force, Xiami, Vice. There were the tastemakers: Fake Music in Beijing, Groove Bunny Records in Jinhua, Subkvlt in Shanghai. And there were the many, many niche operations all over the country.

Labels dominated the alternative music landscape this year, propelling some acts (Modern Sky’s heavy hitters prominent among them) into what you might call the upper-tier of indie fame. To be fair, this is still a tiny slice of the pie, but 2015 saw the consolidation of this indie upper crust, driven by labels.

III. A Looming Music Bubble?

If there’s one thing 2015 made clear, there’s a lot of money swimming around in music in China.

What happened:

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