MFM Workshop “Make Music Your Business” #2 with LegalShield’s Associates

Date: Monday, May 23, 2016
Time: 5pm to 6:30pm
Venue: WeWork Wall Street (110 Wall Street, NY, NY)
Ticket: free, but RSVP via Eventbrite here:
Genre: workshop

Limited seating: 50

 LegalShield‘s associates Mike Juliano & Brad Bolnick will lead a legal workshop for MFM ( members and aspiring musicians, making music and business work hand in hand.

What is your music career’s “paper trail”? Do you have band, manager and gig agreements? Money owed from performances? Is your work protected? Non disclosure agreements for creative projects not ready for the public, do you have them? Copyright Infringement, is someone “playing your song”? Licensing, contracts, registrations of works…all professionals need a “paper trail” for a proper business structure and to succeed!

What is your pressing musical legal issue? Bring it on, at this workshop Mike and Brad will be here via MFM’s “Make Music Your Business” series to address “your” legal concern! Present your legal issue to the group anonymously on paper and we will discuss the matter.

Does your music career and project have a sound business structure? Come to this workshop to also learn what steps need to be taken to make sure it do.

About LegalShield:

LegalShield is endorsed by the National Association of Attorneys General, rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and helps countless numbers of professionals and families protect themselves. Members enjoy unlimited access to a network of law firms in all 50 states which provides equal justice for all, through unbelievably economical legal services.

About Michael Juliano:

Michael is a writer, award winning filmmaker, former professional musician/music publisher and an associate through LegalShield. His music is been on commercial radio around the world, he was sought by major and independent record labels before moving into the film business.

About Brad Bolnick:

Brad is a commercial actor, LegalShield broker and financial consultant with his firm Brad specifically works with musicians, actors and arts professionals on financial empowerment.

About Musicians For Musicians (MFM):

By coming together and tapping the creative power of the professional musician community, MFM strives to find realistic solutions for those who choose to make music for a living. MFM is created to facilitate the conversation, nurture a supportive community, and give professional musicians the resources they need to support themselves with their craft.

By enabling a sustainable lifestyle for musicians, society at large will be enriched with better music!