Rick Dellaratta

MFM Workshop “Make Music Your Business” #6 w. Rick DellaRatta

A Workshop About Music Activism and Jazz for Peace™ Grant Programs for Musicians and their Projects 

“Please extend my good wishes to Rick….I admire what he is doing.” – Dave Liebman (September 20, 2016)

Jazz artist, educator and Jazz for Peace™ founder Rick DellaRatta will be leading a special workshop for MFM members and aspiring musicians on making music and business go hand in hand.

In the 1st part of the workshop Rick will provide real world advice using his experiences collected from his professional music career and activism. He believes music and activism go hand in hand

In the 2nd part of the workshop he will talk in detail about the Easy 3 Step Process that over 850 outstanding organizations and causes have used to obtain funding approval for the Jazz for Peace Foundation Empowerment Grant and demonstrate how these exact same steps can be followed by any musician to obtain the same sustainable funding for his or her career, ensemble or upcoming musical projects. 

The Jazz for Peace Foundation Empowerment Grant provides both a World Class Cultural Event in one’s city, on a date chosen by oneself, along with the staffing, event coordinating experience and expertise to help ”Grow your Empowerment Tree!”, leading to historic events in the USA, Africa, India, Haiti, Brazil, Europe, Canada, Scandinavia, Nepal, Pakistan and Mexico.

Now, as detailed in this latest article from Grant Watch, Jazz for Peace has extended their Grant Programs to include musicians and their musical projects.

Read Workshop Details here: http://musiciansformusicians.org/workshop/mfm-workshop-make-music-business-6/