Docu Film: Stronger than Bullets (Lybia)

Stronger Than Bullets Docu FilmDuring the 2011 revolution, Libya’s underground musicians emerged to help free their country from Gaddafi’s rule.

Check out this 2015 film. Music and politics go hand in hand. Stronger than Bullets directed by American Matthew Millan  introduces the musicians who are free to play at last, and follows them as they stand shoulder-to-shoulder, guitar to rifle, alongside rebel fighters.

2011. The people of Benghazi revolt against the brutal regime of Moammar Gaddafi. Amidst the bloody revolution, a music scene erupts out of the restive city. Banned for over 25 years on pain of death, western style heavy metal, R&B, hip hop, and even country, gives voice to the once silent population. We witness a counter-culture explode on the front line, where guitars line up alongside AK47’s as a symbol of defiance in the fight against tyranny.

But once freedom is won, the voices go silent and a new struggle emerges to keep control of the country in the aftermath. Libya teeters on the brink of chaos as four Americans, including a US Ambassador are murdered in a brazen attack. Will the music and the freedom it represents thrive once again, or will it remain mired in Post Revolutionary Blues?

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