International Women's Day

Today: International Women’s Day In NY!

Today is International Women’s Day!

Yes: equal pay for women!
Yes, protect a woman’s right to choose!
Yes, there are many women in this country suffering from injustices which still exist today!
The answer to stop discrimination: women organize! 

The official title of this year’s global day of action is Be Bold For Action.

Again: today is International Women’s Day. A coalition representing dozens of grassroots groups and labor organizations is organizing a number of actions in support of labor campaigns, immigrants’ rights, sanctuary campuses and more. At 4 p.m. there will be a rally in Washington Square Park. At 5:30 p.m., activists will march to Zuccotti Park with stops along the way in front of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory site, the Varick Street Immigration Detention Center, Stonewall, City Hall, the African Burial Ground and the former slave market, various financial institutions funding the Dakota Access Pipeline, and more. This rally is only one of many events planned for today. Click here for full listing.

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