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News From Ecole Fula Flute / Centre Tyabala De Guinee

Text by Sylvaine Leroux

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Because of your generous and continued help since 2014,L’École Fula Flute has secured a home in Conakry that is now humming with daily activity.

Recently, our students were once more invited at the Palais du Peuple to perform for the President. Our reputation is growing and our work is valued in Guinea.

Sylvail Leroux

In anticipation of this November’s yearly fundraising campaign, we are reaching out to ask if you would consider helping by organizing a “Salon,” an informal event at your home, church, office, association, social-club, company, co-op, etc., where we would be invited to tell our story to your friends and relations. Featuring live music, flute demo, multimedia presentation, Q&A, and discussion, a pleasant and rewarding time will be had by all.

If you are interested in hosting, please contact me at:

Your contributions are essential to our continued growth and we would not have gotten this far without your help. We deeply appreciate everything and anything you do.

Thank you and best wishes.
Sylvain Leroux

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