Music Modernization Act

Let’s get the Music Modernization Act (MMA) through the Senate ASAP!


Music Modernization ActPlease send/forward this request to your Senators and to any and all family, friends and colleagues you deem appropriate and request that they in turn also send it to their Senators and to any and all family, friends and colleagues etc. they deem appropriate ….. as well. As time is of great importance here please act promptly, delay could spell the death of this helpful legislation.

Copy and paste this message marked in green below and send it to your senators.

As a constituent that votes in the state you represent, I am asking you to support passage of the Music Modernization Act. The MMA would help songwriters earn fairer compensation for performances of their work through two key provisions:

• Reforming rate court by replacing a single rate court judge for each PRO with different judges randomly assigned to each rate-setting proceeding; and

• Amending Section 114(i) of the Copyright Act to enable the rate court judge to consider royalties paid to recording artists when determining what streaming services will pay songwriters for the exact same performance. Currently, recording artists can make six to ten times more than songwriters.

The MMA has gained widespread bipartisan support and has already seen unanimous passage through the House of Representatives, 415-0, and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The next step in the legislative process is a full Senate vote on the bill. I strongly urge you to support and vote to pass the MMA without delay. Time is running out on this Congressional cycle and we cannot afford to lose the opportunity to pass this long-awaited legislation this year.