CD Review: Daniel Tarrab “Otra Mirada”

Daniel TarrabArtist: Daniel Tarrab
Title: Otra Mirada
Label: Silva Screen Records
Genre: Tango
Music available from: Silva Screen Records; Amazon; Spotify

Review by Fiona Mactaggart

Buenos Aires based, award winning film composer and double bassist Daniel Tarrab composed, conducted and played on this short (25 mins) but sweet album of tangos, Otra Mirada (meaning Another Look). Composed for tango trio and channeling maestro Astor Piazzolla, esteemed bandoneonista Nestor Marconi is prominent throughout. However, Tarrab (double bass and piano) with Pablo Agri (violin) are superbly cohesive co-conspirators, further aided and abetted by sumptuous string orchestra.

The ‘Prelude’ introduces each soloist, the album thereafter flows through six new tangos from Tarab, seven if one includes the gorgeously extended reprise of track two, ‘La Lamparita’ (The Lamp). Melodies are consistently captivating, with on the money playing from the soloists, who have clearly been given plenty of freedom to explore jazz harmonies.

The whole album is a delight, with this reviewer especially enjoying the dramatic, measured pace then unexpected racing tempo of ‘El Quinto’ (‘The Fifth’). Similarly, ‘La Laparita (Reprise)’, the final and longest piece at 4:05, following a portentous opening evolves interestingly to include some of the most stunning massed strings on the album.

This mellifluous and uplifting album could well serve as the score for a modern film noir. A lush balm, this is music to lose oneself in.