Announcement: MFM Sponsors and Endorses the Hudson Valley Music Summit (Kingston, NY)

the the Hudson Valley Music Summit

By Dawoud Kringle

For the first time in our history, MFM is sponsoring a musician / music related event. This will be the Hudson Valley Music Summit, which will happen on August 9th, 2019, in Kingston, NY. 

The purpose of our involvement will be to reach out to the many professional musicians in the Hudson Valley / Upstate New York area informing them about MFM and its mission and inspire/motivate them to join us, and help in our efforts to advocate Musicians Rights. We will be offering our Upstate musician friends the opportunity to speak to us directly at our booth, and offer a 45% pass discount to MFM members.

Hudson Valley Music Summit founder and producer; and President of Gorilla River Dave Hoffman has offered MFM a sponsorship for a $500 investment that would include: five guest passes (a $400 discount off the cost of five registrations), an exhibition booth where guests can sign our mailing list, collect literature on the organization, and talk to representatives to learn more about the event, a logo on the Summit’s onsite brochure and signage, and offered an MFM representative, Stephen Johnson, to introduce the morning showcase performer (going on at approximately 10:30am).

Hudson Valley Music Summit

Panelists for the day will include Jeff Mercel (National Director of Music, O+ Festival), Mike “Ragu” Rogowski, (Founder/Visionary, Mountain Sky. Percussionist, Mountain Sky Orchestra), Rick Schneider (Host of Up and Running, Music Director, 98.1 WKZE), and many others too numerous to mention here. Panel topics will include “A Look at the Hudson Valley Music Scene,” “Reimagining the 21st Century Record Label,” “Touring Roundtable – Planning a Regional or National Tour,” and many other important and relevant topics (go to for details).

Performers will include Pete Shapiro, Michelle Shocked, Dennis Dunaway (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, founder of the Alice Cooper Band), Paul Hammer (of Savoir Adore), and others.

This event is yet another milestone in MFM’s history, and an important step in our progress as a Musicians Rights advocacy organization.

For detailed info about the summit (including date, time, location, program, list of panelists, and its mission), go to