MFM Endorses Musicians Public Event “For Our Courageous Workers a City-Wide Symphonic Fanfare”

MFM endorses this public musicians event on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at 7pm.

For Our Courageous Workers a City-Wide Symphonic Fanfare was conceived by Frank London, Hajnal Pivnick and Dorian Wallace.

Composers Frank London (of The Klezmatics), and Hajnal Pivnick and Dorian Wallace (of Tenth Intervention) have joined forces on this effort to bring the city together in a communal music project to honor the efforts of those risking their own health for the benefit of all.

Co-sponsors to date include The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Make Music New York, HONK NYC, MFM, ALJA; and are being updated regularly. For more information, detailed instructions, and a downloadable score that does not require the ability to read music, go to ​

This event demonstrates that music is essential in people’s lives and the musicians themselves are essential workers. Music helps healing, taking away any kind of anxieties and any level of depression and encouraging people to stay strong.


To be played as loud as possible for all to hear, from rooftops, out windows, doorways, etc. If you film yourself/post photos on social media, please use the hashtag #playbecausewecare Use a clock & follow the instructions below.


* 7pm | Cheering

Everyone: ​Clap, cheer, bang on pots, and pans!
Wind players: ​Play the notes of a concert Bb major chord (Bb-D-F) triumphantly String players:​ Freely play open A and D strings
Low Instruments:​ Play a low concert Bb
Keyboard players:​ Arpeggiate Bb major 7 chord as fast as possible (Bb-D-F-A) Percussion and drums:​ Cymbals rolls (no drums)

* 7:03 | Reflecting

Everyone:​ Breathe, listen, and reflect
Wind and string players:​ Long notes in concert D natural minor scale (D-E-F-G-A-Bb-C-D) Low Instruments: ​Slow pulsing on D and A
Keyboard players:​ Slow D natural minor chords and scales (D-E-F-G-A-Bb-C-D) Percussion and drums: ​Play drums slowly, no cymbals. Quarter note pulse = 60 bpm

* 7:06 | Catharsis

All: ​PLAY ANYTHING! A full-blown glorious, jubilant, ecstatic, cacophonic, sonic catharsis

* 7:09 | Gratitude

Everyone: ​Sing “Ah” on any note of your choice

Instruments: ​Play unison concert Bb 7:11 | End